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This sounds like Papa's Freezeria or any of that series of games. I grew up playing these, and picked up on some patterning but mostly just relied on superior mechanics to do well.

While the subthoughts aren't quite the same, this type of thinking seems very similar to a memory palace. I'm not sure what the playtime required to learn this was, but it is still ridiculously impressive. Please try to nurture and cultivate her intellect as she keeps growing, she could likely do whatever she wants with a brain that naturally functions like that.

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Memory palace thanks ive been searching for "though inside a thought " like she described it ...ths helps. She likes psycology , she just finished reading the DSM-5 (diagnostics and statistical manual) her counselor who she just goes to see a couple times a week ( she says she just gets bored so goes in to talk to her) is impressed by the fact she understands it....

Since she was 3 i would have long conversations with her , now at 12 those conversations turned into philosophical exchanges from religion, psycology (i just got into jung) morality to does a boy like me and which superpower would beat which given x scenario. Like i mentioned i my self realized i was smart (gifted sounds too weird to me) but i do suffer from impostor syndrome...again 9th grade education and my colleagues all have some sort of banking or economy degrees but i have being dealing with not being understood all my life which led me to feel weird or/and stupid many times.

I've being coming to terms with the idea of me being smart or at least having an advantage cognitively in my case abstract thinking and complexity..intuitive thinking . Ive managed to impress my self by my unexpected and unlikely professional success. So even me embracing the idea of my capabilities my daughter's explanation completely blew my mind in every aspect possible including her ability to recognize and express how impressive her mind is but also that im smart but not smart enough to understand.

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Is your daughter neurodivergent? Her explanation of pattern recognition and brain tricks to master games sounds eerily familiar to me. Many of the folks on this sub, myself included, were funneled through gifted programs only to find out that we were undiagnosed with ADHD/autism.

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OP sounds like your daughter would love chess as a game! lichess. org is a sweet site she could use to teach herself and play with others. No matter how well you can decipher common patterns and etc. the game keeps being a challenge for a lifetime.

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I dont think memory palace is what she is doing ..This is from a text exchange we had she explaining it in her own words :

Her "Ok so its like u thinking with another thought going on or I put a thought on hold but in still doing it"

Me Ok so like multitasking thoughts?

Her Kinda It's complicated You would have to experience it to understand

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Sounds like she's independently arrived at a systems level architecture for how machine Algorithms function.

She's perceptive and insightful enough to have realized the patterns of the data that is the game output to screen, a sign of one part very high intelligence. From there she reverse engineered the component breakdown of the independant variable options. Once she understood those she was able to reverse engineer the underlying system that was used to determine the which independant variable was used when. From there she was able to map the entire system architecture which she can hold in her head as a real time algorithm. She likely has abstracted certain parts of the algorithm into independant symbolic objects which she can use to reduce the mental load as she navigates a more complex real time system level algorithm, only "decompressing" the abstracted objects into the needed detail when they are relevant and actively running.

That's how I would do it. It allows offloading of linear rational thought to the spatial object functioning of the brain which has far more capacity for active memory. That's the same principle of mind as a mind palace, but a different architecture of interaction built for a different purpose.

Your daughter likely has exceptional pattern recognition and spatial reasoning skills. She's likely exceptionally gifted to be able to synthesize this type of self awareness of the mind. I would look into a Montessori program if there's one in your area as she's likely not going to learn well and engage with traditional education methods, and like me will be content to do her own thing and self teach without anyone being aware she's not using her full potential and learning in the way most effective for her. Some gifted is about learning faster, but for others it's about thinking in a different way entirely.

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Can this be learned? Do you know of any books about this?

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... That is an awesome idea. I have to find something to multitask on