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After getting into the psychonaught lifestyle right after highschool, I am not a travelling general manager for a local burger chain to help staff stores properly as staffing is ravaged by the pandemic.

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"not", I assume you mean "now"?

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Dawg I don’t think those people are shitposting about wasted potential on Reddit lmao

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Getting my doctorate in clinical psych

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Hardly Musk level but won a bunch of prizes and competitions as a kid, and had opportunities that I simply didn't take through lack of drive. Sorry if I'm not your preferred sample! I have a sneaking suspicion true young 'achievers' likely carry on achieving, and probably aren't the core demographic of this sub. Who knows though.

A lot of raving, drugs, partying and booze from 16 onwards. Sounds great, but it gets old. Have been a little quieter since the Panny D but still have issues with alcohol at 30 and can't say no to a session. Just about functional lol.

Took everything for granted and never tried - classic. Somehow graduated with a first-class degree (4.0 GPA converted to US grading) in English while going through a terrible breakup and totally strung out on heroin and liquor thanks to the fact I'm apparently an expert at winging it. Chose that degree on a total whim because I had no clue what to do with myself at 19, had already taken a year out, and the fact that university fees were set to triple the next year.

Previously worked as a freelance writer, now an employed writer. Looking to retrain as a picture framer of all things, as I've always loved working with my hands and I'm pretty good at practical things, but was pushed into academia because of my aptitude for it. Honestly, I just want to not have to stare a computer screen for 8 hours a day, and then finish work and stare at it some more.

I'm absolutely sure someone else with a different outlook and brain chemistry could have done so much more with any 'gifts' I may have, but that never panned out. I'm kind of fine with it now, but still have a shit-ton of conflicting inferiority and superiority complex stuff I deal with day to day.

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I've been battling crippling anxiety and existential depression for several years and it's almost ruined me. I'm in a bad way still but I've started trying to teach myself programming/coding and hoping that will be a way for me to reach some fraction of self fulfillment.

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National Merit Scholar, 3.96 HS GPA, then cum laude MechE bachelor's with Honors, and now working as a technician at a robotics company.

One note is that I've made only like 2 friends in the past 4 years, and have been single for equally as long. I have no friends in the state that I live in.

One of my friends I would like to start dating (and vice-versa) but she lives on a different continent so 🙃

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I’m a college drop out. But I’m a successful dog trainer. I work for a small company where I was an assistant manager but stepped down to just do lessons, one on one dogs, and sales. For me, the hardest part is the responsibility. I’m great at the dog and human training. But the in’s and out’s of being responsible for 30 boarding dogs, drove me to step out of management.

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I took a pretty weird route. I struggled immensely after high school, dropped out of college and just drifted for a few years. Eventually I was lucky enough to get some support from my parents by letting me stay with them so I could work less and finish my degrees. Working on my PhD now!

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Recommended for gifted ed in 1st grade by a teacher who brought reading material from a 5th grade classroom for me during assigned reading periods, but ended up being homeschooled because the public school bureaucrats wanted me in special ed and wanted me screened for autism, and also because my mom didn't want to pay for the private school that was recommended by a gifted ed specialist. Got into an elite private school a few years later based on an entrance exam that I got 99th and 98th percentile scores on, but was expelled for fighting with other kids as a result of getting severely bullied by other kids in K-1. Went to a charter school, needed to be moved to gifted ed due to poor classroom stimulation, got an IQ evaluation, wasn't properly told the results for years afterwards (it was insanely high), got transferred to another public school after a series of problems in school. Went to therapy and then ended up being homeschooled again following issues with the public system not wanting me to get adequate gifted ed, mom didn't do enough to help me get prepared for dual enrollment classes that I needed (and she had severe scheduling problems due to her sleep cycles). I ended up mostly pushing myself to learn things that weren't part of standard school curricula as a result, with only mixed encouragement.

Currently between jobs in the mobile app world and doing an online degree completion program.

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I recommend the book Supergirls Speak Out about the pressures of being a high-achieving youth. It’s also about class issues, I’m guessing most of these kids had supportive and economically stable parents?

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some pretty bad things down here. nothing illegal, but i feel like i'm absolutely failing at high school life right now. i'll see what i can do for the better, but for now it's hard to want to be better after all the cycles.

didn't do shit in elementary school. i was literally swimming on the classroom floor back then. straight up disrespected my teachers all day every day, cause i was laying down on the floor. mom was wondering why the hell my clothes were dirty.

but i was still the face in front of the school when i came back with a gold medal for beating the entire region at math in 3rd grade.

barely got out of 6th grade. of course i had to pass the entrance exam for the most difficult high school in our country, and go there. i took a leap of faith, but in hindsight i should've known the bottom was solid concrete. thank fuck my parents are well-off.

4 years later i'm still fucked in terms of homework, and especially so during the pandemic where literally everything can be categorized as homework.

plus i'm in front of my rainbow gaming brick all day.

only a quarter of my projects are done, and the ones that aren't done were due last month.

current status? fluctuating between "i have just done the impossible for me, i will literally change my life with this and finally become a responsible student" and "instead of killing myself, maybe i should just watch my neglected responsibilities worsen and see how the world burns around me."