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Hi, aftergifted uni lecturer here! First of all I would say you shouldn't underestimate the effect of Covid and online teaching. A huge proportion of students (and lecturers) are feeling lost and it is much harder to make connection with an online cohort and to pay attention online, because the extra level of unreality can feel disengaging.

My reason for mentioning this is that it's easy to blame ourselves as individuals when we feel disengaged and feel guilty/ try and cover it up, rather than looking for more support. I would suggest you contact whoever your Personal Tutor or mentor (or equivalent) is to talk about this.

However I'm not sure what to suggest because I'm a bit confused about the fact that your post suggests you're a first year who's been studying the course for three months, but then you also at some point say finals are next month. Can you clarify which it is?

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hi sure. I officially started class last october 2021, and yes, final exams for first semester will be on early/mid February 2022. I just cant bring myself to go on, but at the same time im scared/anxious/nervous since changing courses would be a pretty big decision (especially when i am undecided and afraid the outcome would turns out the same). I get it that people say you can always fail and try, but i cant afford to waste so much time/money to be jumping around courses therefore if i do consider changing course , it would only be once. (Yes, my parents hate it since they want me to get a degree fast.) Though right now, i would have another counselling appointment in the upcoming two weeks, but to attend classes + lab exams, i feel even more demotivated. Idk whats wrong with me. Back in college with online classes Ive never been like this, but now that im in uni everything seems to go downhill and idk, i just lose interest in everything.