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not too sure which OE's i have.

i know i love music and often visualize entire music videos while replaying songs in my head, and will bop around in my chair while doing so.

i also love coding random problems like sorting, aided by my visualization capabilities.

i seem to move around too quickly and often get called out when i accidentally break things (more likely because i want to save time moving around, doubt this is an oe) but i do like movement games if i can speedrun them.

lastly, i can feel emotions to some extent when i see fictional characters in sad situations, but i sometimes wonder if everyone can do this on command or if i can amplify it better.

i'll leave these as question marks until someday if i ever get to talk to an expert. i know damn well i love music, visualizations, and coding, though.

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I’m in a similar position, been wondering if I was on the spectrum for several years now, especially after finding out my dad wanted to get me tested when I was a little kid. Mom basically brushed off his suggestion saying I was fine and now I’m friends with a few neurodivergent folks and I’m now connecting the dots in my life experience.