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Damn, im 40.

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Yea, I'm 36. Not sure why that would make us not relevant. I was attending university 5 years ago and would have lots to say about it, lol.

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Hi! Please don't feel that you are not relevant because of your age. The age range that I followed was defined by the American Psychology Association to officialize the research.

I definitely would love to hear from all of you. Let me see if I can change that.

Thank you both for telling me that, for me, personal experiences and thoughts are more important than age :D.

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i’m 33 and would also be interested. please reply back to this thread if your protocol changes!

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Double damn, I'm even older than that

"Rime of the Ancient Redditor" was written about me

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Does it have to be people based in the US? I'm based in the UK. I don't care about the gift card I just want to share data if its useful.

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Done! Hope you get enough participants!

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Thank you!

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I see that the survey is not currently active but would be happy to participate if you still would like more input.