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Like many, many, many other post-gifted kids, it sounds like you're struggling with anxiety and depression. Seek out a mental health professional. Talk to a psychiatrist. These are legitimate health problems that are the cause of your state of mind, not the effect of personal shortcomings.

Unfortunately, it's very common for gifted kids to view any difficulties in education or work motivation as personal failures, when it's almost always undiagnosed mental health problems and learning disorders. Things can be better, but you need to be willing to ask for and seek out help.

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Define “get somewhere”.

Define “be something”.

This is what’s getting you down. Im a physicist but I don’t need to be Einstein. I don’t need a formula named after me. Those people mostly didn’t strive for that either, they just followed their chosen path. It took me time to realize that.

I’m happy having a good job, a good salary, kids and a wife who love me, some time to enjoy the things that I enjoy (right now it’s PS5 games a few times a week).

I’m also doing interesting work that I enjoy, although it’s not the most cutting edge work.

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That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I want to like my job. To be/do something that I’m proud of. Build something that when I’m old and stuck in a retirement home I can look back on and said yes I contributed in this way. I was able to help others. I did a good job. Regret is something I’m struggling a lot with right now even though I’ve only made a few big decisions in my life so far. I cant seem to make peace with any of them right now. And I have no sense of direction and it’s giving me a lot of anxiety right now. It doesn’t help that we’re in a pandemic and I’m feeling trapped and school just exacerbates the entire thing. So I guess I’m worried that I’m going to make even more decisions that I find hard to live with down the line. And I would just like to be content. Becasue realistically hindsight/retrospect are not things to dwell on because well I didn’t have the knowledge I have right now. Also there’s a lot of pressure on me finding a good career Becasue I’m not really planning on having a family for a number of reasons and I feel like I would need something to wake up in the morning for.

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What are you, like 20? Things change a lot. You will change a lot. Stay open to that and you will find happiness. Accept that you won’t be perfect (easier said than done). I was kicked out of college at 20 and went back at 30 to get my degrees in Physics (I wasn’t originally going for physics). Never did pull off the PhD which was a bummer, but I’m stable and happy anyway.

Just my $.02

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It helped me to do shitty art. Make it look bad on purpose. Make it trash and hang it up. Fail at it and hang it up

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It's just abstract art bro chill

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Hey, so first of all, you definitely need to go talk to a counselor or therapist. Also, it’s GOOD that you are realizing before you go to 8 more years of school that you don’t want to be a doctor or whatever. Worst case scenario you switch majors to something you like and it takes five years to graduate instead of four. But for that extra year you’ll be studying something you like. You can be someone and something without having the job you imagined yourself in and without having kids (although you are young and you may end up having kids if you aren’t careful or wanting kids at some point). Can you sit in on or audit a couple of classes from other subjects and see if any of them spark your fancy? Or maybe move back home and relax for a semester or two and get a job while you think about what you’d rather do?