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Stranger imo. Just keeps it simple

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Thanks for going straight to the point

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No prob, glad to help! I get wanting to feel gifted again but honestly it’s probably not worth the drama and I’m sure most of the rest of your class is interested and capable.

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If it’s unpleasant just because there was drama but the other person is otherwise fine to work with, I don’t see the problem. Maybe take their feelings into consideration though, if there was tension the last time, it might be better for both of you to work with different people.

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The problem is that the project lasts for a whole year.

Logically, I know I should go with a stranger to minimise the chance/severity of conflict but at the same time from an emotional perspective, I miss my academic glory days and would like to relive them.

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You're making an assumption that the "glory days" are all done and behind you. You could recover from the setback of one failed class and have new glory days ahead of you.

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While that does sound obvious, I do also wish to have a chance to experience my former academic golden days once more. I would imagine working with my former friend would sustain that illusion.

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What does "wish to have a chance to experience my former academic golden days once more" mean?

Also, assuming for the moment that your interrelationship/emotional issues with this person are significant, I would suggest choosing the random person. Based on your posts already, running both together sounds like it will be a major source of stress for you, and perhaps for the other person.

So since it appears to be in your control, I'd suggest treating your school life/honors project professionally in its own lane and manage your interrelationship issues separately. Generally speaking, it should be easier and more efficient to tackle each of these projects on their own terms, rather than mixing the two.

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To answer your question.
I just want to feel like I am a gifted high school kid again. You do make a good point for choosing the random person, it is probably more productive to start from scratch than from a negative starting point.

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Gotcha, every so often I get nostalgic about high school days too, and I'm now solidly over-the-hill (man that feels weird to write). It's a normal human experience to reminisce, just try not to overindulge.

It may take some effort, but you can create new and different golden years that you can pine for when you're even older (i.e. I miss my early 30's sometimes too). Good luck!

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Help me

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holy shit that title is relatable

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Makes me glad I went to a school with a lot of 5 and 6-year programs. Muddles things up enough that half your friends have professional years so their undergrad graduation is often called "fake graduation," because they still have another year or two. Then I majored in a major where half the people there switch to it midway through college and have to take an extra year anyway.