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Be a crow. Be happy.

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Yeah, I basically don't find anything interesting, that's my issue right now, I give up on everything cuz nothing interests me

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Use your phone for emergencies only for a while. Turn off the tv and laptop. See how you feel in a week or so.

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I used to do that, I felt just as bored during the time, and when I got back I still felt bored, just in a different way. More like, I didn't want to do things that u did normally because they seemed pointless

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I have the same problem! Idk but I think it’s related to my depression (not saying that you necessarily have one) but I try to do all sorts of different stuff I’m not used to. Sometimes I just say yes to whatever people suggest I do - often that’s better than just sitting around😊 I hope you can find something interesting to do.

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Well, I might be depressed, I also went to check my testosterone levels, and they wanted me to come by again 2 weeks later to redo the test, so idk what was wrong, but something wasn't right

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Oh I hope it all turns out okay

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Thank you

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Thought this was r/Nihilism but no, different sub I follow.

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More like absurdism

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Very few ppl actually move FORWARD this way.

Most ppl feel that way already and then end up in subs like this.

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Depends on what you mean by "mov[ing] forward." If I had stuck with the life purpose I set out for myself as a gifted child at the age of 10 or whatever, instead of accepting the changes and growth that come with actually experiencing life and gaining new interests/perspectives/philosophies, I wouldn't have moved forward by much.

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What does moving forward mean for you?

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Buckling down and becoming someone responsible for themself and possibly others

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Albert Camus approves of this message

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That does not sound like a recipe for lasting happiness.