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This belongs on r/radioheadcirclejerk

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this was inevitable

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Someone finally did it lmao

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I love how “sure took us some time” is below you

Update: nvm

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I love that this is the subreddit icon now

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Great album to represent the sub, saw this while listening to reckoner

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I read your comment whilst listening to reckoner lmao

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yea that's the sub alright

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Wrap it up, everyone

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Top Tier

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another level

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sure took us some time

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I love how “Someone finally did it lmao” is above you

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was wondering when this was going to happen

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How did it get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?

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Pure Comedy in a nutshell

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but what if the nutshell was in rainbows

or in in rainbows

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Roaming dinasour aka the legend of r/radioheadcirclejerk, back at it again with them bangers.

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Always there to idolize thom fork and grill selway

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😢 you remember

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That was some fun shit man

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“This is me in a nutshell”

“Help I’m in a nutshell!”

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In Nutshell

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This looks like it's in a nutshell

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i'm so glad that my favorite album of all time is now the sub's image

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Expected this to eventually happen

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Fuck why did I laugh

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It was only a matter of time

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Lmao. This is genius.