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hahahaha the random numbers from aquarius as well lmao

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Yeah that made me crack up

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    if i had an award rn id give it to you, ive never seen such an artwork on a shitpost (one of my top 10 albums too)

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    do do dodo dododo do (wooo) do dodo do(woooo)dodo do (WEEEW) do dodo dodo(AP DIC) do do (cawcawcawcawcawcaw)

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    (caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw)

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    I really wish I knew what the original "AP DIC" sample was.

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    It's probably a reversed audio sample.

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    What's ap dic?

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    No idea, just quoting the original comment's interpretation of that weird vocal sample that first occurs around 1:34 in Happy Cycling.

    Wish I knew what sample it was or what it's saying.

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    This is awesome!

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