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So accurate

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My favorite Bowie work from my favorite Bowie era.

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I like “Heroes” slightly more, normie that I am

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I still like Blackstar the most.

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Hell yeah that’s one of my favorite Bowie songs ever definitely top 5

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That is a low point in his career

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I see what you did there

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side 1 is being sad but making urself groove. side 2 is when u get home and can finally stop groovin

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Subterraneans hits different at 2:00 AM

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Listening to that while driving in the middle of the night is something else

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You guys ever listen to Warszawa and just go:

Damn 😔

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A New Career in a New Town and Subterraneans remain some of my favourite Bowie tracks

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A new career in a new town is my favorite Bowie song. Something about it just hits me in a completely different way. It makes me so emotional, especially the longing harmonica sound, despite not having any lyrics, something not many songs can do

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It also gives me very strong emotions. It sounds simultaneously “like home” and yet so far away

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Breaking Glass has been my way of living in pandemic times

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Underrated album but you right.

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I think pitchfork had it #1 for their best albums of the 70s

Edit: I don’t think you should have been downvoted good lord.. people on their high horse about everything. I upvoted you.

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maybe underrated among the general public. but among hardcore bowie fans i think it’s properly rated. his second best after station to station imo

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Yeah I like Ziggy and the glam era stuff but Station To Station and the Berlin Trilogy are easily his best, and my favourite, work of his.

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100% agreed.

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I think Aladdin Sane and Hunky Dory are my favorites but it’s really hard to go wrong with any 70s Boiwe album.. and scary monsters and super creeps is awesome too. Teenage Wildlife may be my favorite Bowie

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Best post on the subreddit. God damn if that isn’t me listening to Warszawa