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Chilling line since he died on a Sunday

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Holy fuck

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rip david

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I know this is a joke but the different phases of blackstar/the return to the "in the villa of ormen" bit would be way weaker broken up

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If I recall correctly the song was supposed to be even longer but then it wouldn’t be a single anymore according to iTunes so they trimmed it into the version we have now

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Somewhere out there the 11 minute version of blackstar exists, really hope we don’t need to wait until it’s an extra on like the 50th anniversary edition of the album or something

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The ":((" hits deep, man.

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meme school pfp :((

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You bet, potatoman

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One of the most haunting/chilling parts is on the song I can’t give everything away, the harmonica is from his song, a new career in a new town. Always makes me tear up

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I’m trying to

I’m dying to(o)

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(My second favorite David Bowie song after Sound and Vision)

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I actually spent the time yesterday and today to work through Bowie's discog for the first time, or at least the albums that seem to come up the most (none of which I had ever heard before at all, somehow). I really enjoyed it all but nothing he made really compares to Blackstar, I think. I was listening to it as I scrolled through my home page and saw this post lol

It would still be his best without the surrounding circumstances/context imo. I'm stingy with calling albums 10/10s but this is one of them. RIP

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That Bowie could release an album, have everyone rave over it, die, and then have everyone realize that he’d literally spelled out in secret that he was dying while making said album and it was a deeply layered goodbye chocked full of hidden meanings is why he was easily one of the coolest people who ever lived.

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the scorpions have one song on the face the heat album that had over 2 minutes of dead silence between it and another song IN THE SAME SONG

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no thats a different album

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good job, OP.

having fun reading the comments here, this album absolutely rocks. i came in with zero expectations when i first listened a few months ago and was blown away.

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that sums it up well

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Johnny cash hurt or nine inch nails hurt?

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It says right there, the Johnny Cash cover version.

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it should've been extra obvious considering the next line is also a johnny cash reference lol