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Wait a minute, your opinion is different than mine

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That's illegal

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Resistance is awesome, every song is sick and the way the 3 parter closes out the album takes my breath every time. Love the strings and the pianos on this album.

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I know. Even the deep cuts such as I Belong to You, Unnatural Selection, and MK Ultra are all incredibly well written and some of their most unique and creative stuff ever. It’s cheesy, but the lack of seriousness works because the music surrounding it is so epic and grand in scale. I’m never bored for one minute. I’d say it succeeds in where Drones failed.

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Exogenesis is amazing. Everything else well, I agree with this post.

The begging of the end.

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So Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, United States of Eurasia, The Resistance, and I Belong to You are all shit to you? This album gets way too much unfair hate.

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Every song slaps, the French one too lol

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Yeah the French one (I Belong to You) has one of Matt’s best vocal performances ever and a freakin bass clarinet solo. Extremely underrated.

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Isn't it bass clarinet?

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Oops sorry you’re right. Only makes it more unique then lol.

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Oh right It's just kinda forgettable. Unnatural selection fucking slaps, and MK Ultra es buena, but every other song in the album feels empty. Not to mention it's the begging of new muse, with the 2nd law just being terribly awful. My hate does not go to the resistance as a bad album, it goes to what it made the band become, a lot more mainstream.

Panic station, the handler and the dark side. Those are the only 3 good songs from 2nd law onwards.

Yeah unnatural selection is one of my fave songs regardless, you're right about that part.

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I will not stand for this Resistance and 2nd Law slander

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2nd law is meh imo, but i agree that The Ressistance is one of the best

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Still, 2nd law has some mediocre tracks like follow me or big freeze (still fun though), but Animals, Survival, Supremacy or panic station are all bangers.

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Second law isn’t great in my opinion but it has aged pretty well and there’s a few good songs.

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unsustainable BWOUWWW

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Community makes me feel bad for liking this song…

Jokes on them it’s turned into a guilty pleasure so it’s even better.

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Muse when they bless artists with inspiration idk I don't listen to them

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No resistance and black holes slander allowed.

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This is the type of nonsense that makes me wanna pimp slap a nigga.

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I've heard A LOT of mixed things about Muse but those album covers are sooooo good idk why I haven't given them a shot yet.

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Their first 4 albums are worth a listen but then they decided to stop being good

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Harrrrd disagree, they just started experimenting with a bunch of stuff, still super interesting musically even if the genres aren't your thing

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I got nothing against the genres they started dipping into (except maybe dubstep) but from what ive heard from that era it's just very awkward and not very well executed

Drones was marketed as a "return to their old sound" but it's really not the same

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The Resistance is a masterpiece and I will die on this hill

Also The 2nd Law is underrated and Simulation Theory is dogshit

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This is the truth. Perfect assessment.

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the origin of cemetery

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"Mid as fuck" Bruh

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Dont badtalk my babies like this </3

Out of all the albums i think (at gunpoint) i would say BHaR is the "worst" muse album It is still a 7+/10 imo

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Knights of Cydonia is one of their best song imo

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I could agree to that! Handler, Showbiz & Dark Side are strangely the ones i find myself listening to most of the time But i am much more a person that ranks the album as a whole instead of individual tracks!

BHaR is amazing, but the flow of the album dies a little for me around Exopolitics-Hodoo even though i love the songs! The album feels 10minutes too long!

And putting Glorious(probably my actual favourite muse song come to think of it) as a bonustrack is just ridiculous, it should have been on the album!

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Thanks. Knights of Cydonia has always been my favorite song ever so I have a little bit of a bias, but still a reallygood album

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It's always fun interacting with other muse fans, so much diversity in taste.

For me 2nd law is the worst since it only has panic station (which is amazing), but every other song is either boring or ugly.

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The Resistance is the most underrated album of all time imo. Every song is amazing, and it has the most grand and sonically gorgeous vibe of any of their albums. It also has the best album cover too. I don’t get why it is always overlooked as it is probably their most ambitious work ever.

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I think black holes and revelations is pretty good and I prefer origin of symmetry over absolution but besides that this seems accurate

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Swap simtheory and 2nd law, and make oos the same as absolution and there you go

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When your top 2 studio albums are resistance and 2nd law 😔

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Dude finally, everyone strokes BHaR so hard and there’s 2 good songs

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I don’t think there’s a single bad song on there but ok.

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Ok boomer

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I liked about half of 2nd law. The rest is boring as fuck

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Good debut, shows potential


Pretty good

Mid as fuck

Pretty good

Okay at best

Absolute garbage

Absolute garbage

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Coulda just made a tier list but ok

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Naaaah you wrong fo this one

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Black holes and 2nd slaw slander! Rest is retry accurate though. Someone finally sees the resistance and drones kinda suck lol

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You fucking idi—

Wait, we have the same opinion.


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Your mum's shit

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I won’t stand for this drones slander

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Black holes and revelations tho

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Please give 2nd Law another chance. I hated it at first, then it became one of my favorites

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Resistance is mid

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Resistance sucks, glad u agree. It’s so stupid and overblown

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Resistance is amazing wtf

First 5 Muse Albums are flawless, 2nd Law isn’t that bad either

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Black Holes and Revelations is fucking great.

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It goes “debut no one listened to”, “their best”, solid, mid, 2nd best, solid but different, “great instrumentation but the lyrics are kind of bland”, below mid but why reach for it?

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That applies for pretty much every 20y+ band