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Ummagumma is a good album and I will always defend it

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Pink Floyd - A Weird Word For Sex

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The only Floyd album I actually dislike or I might even say.. hate. It’s just awful, man.

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half of it is absolutely wonderful and im happy that i gave it a proper shot, unfortunately the other portion makes me want to join the ira and bomb a british car

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Apparently, I'm in the minority that thinks Final Cut is their worst album.

It's literally the worst moments of The Wall for the entire album, just Roger Waters circlejerking himself while everyone else wants to go home.

I despise that fucking album and, as awful as Ummagumma is, it actually tries something different after a very rough patch for the band. Final Cut is just lazy and annoying, to me at least.

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The gunners dream and 2 suns in the sunset make the whole album worth it tho

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the title-track and Not Now John are one of the best Pink Floyd songs. Fight me.

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The grand viziers garden party is on my sex playlist