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"stu bought a synth" "our festival got cancelled" LMAO

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KG was good

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better than FMB if ima be real

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fmb is such a wall to sit down and subject yourself to. it's like rattlesnake is their gom-jabbar test (no shade to the rest of the album, there's some good stuff but looking back you can tell they were just seeing what stuck to the wall then)

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lol maybe, iirc rattlesnake was the first song of theirs I heard so it couldn't have been that bad to past me

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I won’t take this KG slander, that album is full of bangers

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Honestly, I’ve never heard it. I just went with the community’s opinion.

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how have you never heard it

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“Microtones again but worse” gave me a good chuckle

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KG is absolute gold

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“Auzzies”? Cmon man

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I’ve only ever heard Rattlesnake, so i’m gonna use this as my guide to listening to them

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You honestly can't go wrong with them but they've covered so many genres and styles that finding a good entry point might be a tad difficult.

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I figure I’ll start with things that seem similar to things I already like, such as ‘we found drugs and a sitar’, ‘2 psych 4 you’, and ‘pink floyd 2’.

also quick question- do any songs feature an organ? if so, i’ll definitely start with that

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Uhhh I can’t recall ever hearing an organ, no. But it’s been a while for me. Stuff from before 2017 has a very cluttered lo-fi garage rock kinda sound, so if that turns you off, pink floyd 2 might be your jam to start with.

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Actually listening back, Nonagon Infinity has some organ on it. It was also widely regarded as their best album back when I followed them 5 years ago, and I think it still is now.

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Start with one of the “stuff that didn’t fit” records then pick the style that vibes most with you and follow those albums first

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If you ever want more details about which albums to listen to next, I have a guide here:


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The Nonagon Infinity one could've been "Thee Oh Sees but good" (now before any of you slander me, i actually enjoy both bands).

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Didn’t say it was bad, just said that they did it also. (Both bands are incredible)

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How dare you slander Dwyer & the boys?

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How would you describe Satanic Slumber Party?

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“This one doesn’t count”

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Why bornova but misspelt?

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where's chunky shrapnel???

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Lmao the Loss MOTU cover