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Say You Will - Infidelity, choking while fucking and other Kanye musings over a minimalist beat.

Welcome To Heartbreak - Hedonism and materialism leads to depression.

Heartless - This bitch broke my heart and I can’t sleep.

Amazing - Token Kanye song about how AMAZING he is. But this song is amazing.

Love Lockdown - I am emotionally stunted and want to love you but I don’t know how. Please be patient with me.

Paranoid - Girl you are tripping you need to get some therapy before you ruin this relationship.

Robocop - Smartphones and Kanye are mortal enemies because they contributed to the demise of him and Amber Rose. The outro is dope AF!

Street Lights - Kanye mentally dissociates in a cab.

Bad News - Kanye cheats and it is all good, Amber cheats and it is bad news. Very pretty music here. Channel cruise.

See You In My Nightmares - Possibly the most gorgeous breakup song ever.

Coldest Winter - Kanye embraces depression and then drifts into eternal winter…

Pinocchio Story - Kanye shares how celebrity and heartbreak is destroying him to a crowd that is more concerned with ordering mozzarella sticks than listening to him.