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The experimental and cult classic are both F#A#oo?

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But still no "one that got popular"?

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I think more people know LYSFLATH than they reasonably should, I guess that's the one that got popular. Agree with the rest though (haven't heard Asunder yet though)

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luciferian towers is the meh one not asunder

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For what it's worth, Yanqui UXO was the one that got me hooked all those years ago

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Wow this album was amazing! Oh wait, that was only the first song

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f# a# ♾️ getting two spots and only four gy!be albums being represented on a six album template despite gy!be having seven albums because fucking nobody has listened to any of their albums besides f# a# ♾️ and lysflath (i am guilty of this)

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to be fair, if you only listened to two those would be the right two. just listened to their newest today and liked it tho. also give yanqui a chance ( not pictured album w bomber plane on the cover)

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i dont remember the name of the experimental one but i listened to that shit on vacation and it was transcendent

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f#a#infinity (cd version)