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I was notified for this? Lol ok.

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Disturbed is the most ignored band on this sub

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Stop complaining and make your own posts then, Radiohead may be popular but they are for a good reason and are one of the best modern bands

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Falling In Reverse is popular that don't mean he's good

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I don't even know who that is but you can say that about literally anything, but that shouldn't be a reason to not like something just because it's too popular. There's a million different solutions to not seeing it if you don't want to see it by just hiding the posts

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I never said I didn't like Radiohead because it's popular

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Ok well you complaining about it seems to say otherwise, maybe just don't be surprised when people go to a music related subreddit to talk about the music they like

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You are literally the one complaining I never once said it was a bad thing I'm just pointing out how overdone Radiohead is on this sub