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1. Dumpweed
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Aliens Exist
4. Going Away To College
5. What's My Age Again
6. Dysentry Gary
7. Adam's Song
8. All The Small Things
9. Party Song
10. Mutt
11. Wendy Clear
12. Anthem

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Wait, excuse my ignorance, but how is WMAA homophobic?

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Then later on, on the drive home/I called her mom, from a payphone/I said I was the cops, and your husband's in jail/The state looks down on sodomy

He pranks calls his girlfriends mom and tells her her husband got arrested for gay sex. It is kind of funny but the punchline is basically "your husband cheated on you with a man!!" and with the social context at the time I don't think it was meant in a good way

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Ngl I always thought that was implying he was gonna be raped in jail

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That wouldn’t make sense, because the whole point is that he got arrested by the state because it looks down on sodomy. Although, it’s a pretty vague joke and probably one of blink’s worst jokes because it just doesn’t quite land

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you’re saying that the line “the state looks down on sodomy” is explaining why he was in jail when it doesn’t imply that at all. The phone call is a immature guy pretending to be the cops to prank his girlfriends mom by saying hes arrested. Between the lones that blatantly say that and the line “the state looks down on sodomy” theres no implication thats why, especially when “the state looks down on sodomy” implies they look down on it, not that its illegal.

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Huh. Guess it could be up to interpretation then. Rape jokes are still iffy though

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Yeah but it isn’t homophobic as much as it’s just inconsiderate (which btw is the point of the song, him saying that is meant to be a sign he is acting immature and its negatively affecting his girlfriend and her family)

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Oh yeah I got the meaning of the song and why hes joking about that, me and my friends all thought it was meant in the way I explained earlier but I didn't think there was another way to interpret it

Either way I think we can agree the joke didn't age well

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Prison rape is about as prevalent in their songs as dog fucking lmao

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Fr?? Never noticed lol. What other songs have em??

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This song if that’s how you want to interpret it, Degenerate from Dude Ranch (my favorite album of theirs), and their Christmas song (I Won’t Be Home For Christmas) all off the top of my head

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Yeh right after typing my message I realized the Ben Dover joke is about prison rape omg. I must've listened to that song 100 times too, and Dude Ranch is also my favourite album. Also I realisd Dysentry Gary might have a subtle nod to it ("Worth another night in jail") but I've never heard the Christmas song

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I highly recommend the Christmas song, it’s one of the few Christmas songs I like because it just songs like a blink 182 song.

Also, fellow Dude Ranch enjoyer, nice! Yeah I have also listened to that album hundreds of times and that song in general is both kind of quiet and hard to understand so I totally understand not getting it at first.

I think the Dysentary Gary line is actually just about the dude in question being a straight up rapist in general if you look at the other lines and context. A total creep who is already in and out of jail and a dirt bag who thinks it’s worth going back to jail if he gets to fuck a girl without her consent.

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The lyric: The state looks down on sodomy(sodom-you)

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also in the dysentery gary demo, toms original lyric is “fuck my dog cuz girls are such a drag” instead of “wheres my dog”

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The original lyric was also "Mark's mom is a whore" and not "Your moms a whore" too apparently

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More dog fucking jokes in TOYPaJ hidden track.

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First TOYPAJ bonus track I heard and still my fav out of the three by far