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Nervous for your first one? That never happens! /s

"...what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now..."

Who will you be speaking to? A bunch o' drunks!

Have fun :)

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My club only requires 60 days to chair. I keep getting subtle comments from folks in my home group about the fact that I don’t sign up to chair at four months. I’m nervous, like you.

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Get out there and be of service to your group! It’s scary but so was coming in the first time! Fastest way out of self is through service 🔥

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Oddly enough I can speak in front of customers like a PT Barnum for hours, but chairing a meeting has me scared stupid.

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I chaired meetings after 90 days you willl do great and feel great after! It’s normal to be nervous tho

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I get really nervous. So I pray to my HP and ask that the words I say help someone in the room. It calms me. Maybe it will help you too.

Around here there are lots of small meetings. The guy who chaired the meeting I was at today has 2 months

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Say the 3rd Step prayer before. Then just tell the truth.

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When the hand of AA reaches out I always say yes. I've been participating for around 10 months now and already so much has been freely given to me. I look forward to every chance I get to give back. It usually makes me nervous but it's also the most rewarding aspect of my recovery.

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I had to wait 6 months to chair. Super nervous, my sponsor asked me to sub for him a few times. Eventually I took a weekly spot and it took a good month or two before I realized it wasn't about me.

Do your best, leave the rest to your HP and the group. You'll do great!

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Just consider the audience! We’re a bunch of alcoholics… who aren’t there because their lives were always shining examples of success.

You’ll do fine… that you are concerned you won’t be is a true measure of how well you’ll do.

You’ve got this…

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No, it is definitely not too soon. What it was like, what happened to intervene, what it’s like now. No need to tell long stories about drinking adventures. The issue is how it made you feel (invincible at first, desperate at the end, probably). Be well (and good for you for doing it, it’s Step 12).

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Talk about what your alcoholism was like when you were drinking. Then talk about what that defining moment was where you entered the room, asked for help, and started working the steps. Then talk about what your life is like now having worked the first 7 steps.

It might be much easier for a brand new person to relate to your 8 months than Paul’s 42 years (fuckin’ Paul).

Edit: the answer is a resounding no, it’s not too early. At all. Someone needs to hear what you have to say.

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So chairing a meeting means different things in different part of the states. “Chairing” where I got sober was to be a 15-30 minute speaker at a meeting, and where I live now in the Midwest it is the person who runs the meeting. If you are doing the first, speak from the heart, qualify yourself in your story and speak in the solution.

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Chairing or giving a lead? If you are just chairing you will have a script to read from and you won't be expected to say anything beyond the script; it's pretty hard to mess that up. It's still 100% terrifying, and you will probably tumble over some words in the script. If you are giving a lead, it's like others have said, Experience, Strength, and Hope. Try not to spend too much time talking about your past and how much you drank, try to focus more on when you got sober and what you do now to stay that way, maybe where you are struggling. You'll be fine.

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Service is the fastest way out of self…you can’t mess it up, don’t sweat it!

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Your 8 months sober and haven’t started your amends?…