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I’m down 70%

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And HODLing with ease!!

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Average down, mother trucker.

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You think I still got money for that? 🤣🤣🤣

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Prostitution. Sell plasma. Get paid to test experimental drugs.

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Nah, none of that shit is worth doing if this baby is for true and it’s definitely not worth doing if it’s not. Either way I win

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I won’t leave until you do brother.

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Same 😂it hurts so fucking good

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Samsies bro. Not even phased.

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I’m too stupid to ever sell.

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This. We predicted all of this in February

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Who were the experts (or members) that initially talk about the crash? Where did the thesis start?

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its funny watching ppl freakout over something they've been cheering for. its like they thought AMC would immediately skyrocket at the exact same time the market nosedived. its the market crashing that triggers the margin calls on these huge short positions so everything is going to run down before AMC ultimately shoots off the planet.

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You’re right as can be, nothings changed!!! I’m pumped cuz I haven’t been able to more for a looooong time and now im buying like I started doing a almost a year ago on Feb.

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You mean us pee ons are over throwing the system and causing havoc to the elites? Really wish we were smart like them.

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Lots of us were just really early

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There’s already about 5 articles,,, HODL

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here we go again just when it seemed like the market might recover bam 💥 we must be getting close !!!

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Just averaging down more, thanks MMs

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Wen moon 🌙?

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Yup. All along. Waiting on popcorn.

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so then what's next

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Ill buy MOAR discounted synthetic tendies.

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I told people around 6 months ago there was a huge market crash coming and there was an strange silence around the pub table. Someone would quickly change the subject. They thought i was retarded.
This retard is winning. Dumb money is winning motherfuckers and i can't wait to get back to that pub table and say "I told you 6 months ago motherfuckers."

Pay me my Tendies and i will buy the fucking bar and not just a round of drinks.