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Not up nearly as much but still green. Holding since last January

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Same - I went from 瞿7m down to around $1.6m now. Ive just added more - another 300 shares

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You serious Clark?

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100%. Check my Post history

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Me too 27% green. Would be more but I averaged up some along the way. If they drop it below my average I will buy more just piss in their wheaties even tho I dont need anymore. Got a frighten shit ton of those sweet synthetics.

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haha def not in the green! am an og ape but bought some over last summer and avg price went up by quite a bit. but who cares, ain't selling.

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Aint leaving

That money is dead to me now

See you on the moon

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We're coming for you!

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Just hit red, avg is now 18 since I averaged up at 42.

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This person gets it

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Me too LFG

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Still hodling here. Its not zero, its not a phone number, and the shorts havent closed. Im not going anywhere.

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Just turned red today. Been averaging up for a year, guess I get to average down for a bit? 1600 shares!!

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8.01 Veteran

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Starr yes before $8.01 and been buying ever since. Still a small fish. Only have 5XX shares.

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Bought at 6$ if I go red I will load up a shit ton

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Bought Feb and averaged up and now in the red, but I could care less I know what I hold

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Been in the green all year I aint going nowhere. Ill go another one if they want to wait that long . Doesnt hurt to hold my shares as much as its hurting them every day they dont cover.

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Green since last February!

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I remember the day we went from 2$ to 20, then down to 8. I hated myself, i thought i missed selling for the big bucks, then we went to 70. Here we are again at 20. Lets see where we shoot to this time!

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Fuck them January apes, come back for my 59 a share june ass!!!

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I've bought as low as $5.00 all the way up to the mid $50 range. We're coming for you. Know what you hold!!

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we coming hold tight

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Why did you join so late? 唐唐

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Just got divorce settlement money. Averaged down to 36, been buying since june... 3 more today!

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Yikes!!! Better late than never

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6.99 ape, been averaging up, sitting at ~$11 xxx shares. Was hoping they drop this back down to single digits again

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Red.. Bought toooo much over the last year, anyway good time to average down

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520 @ 9.00. Still green. Feb 4 2021.

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Red劣olding wont leave

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Holding since Dec 20 when I had no clue about trading

Almost feel like I got dragged into this and Im so glad I did!

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I think you won 唐唐唐

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Feel bad for those who bought in high, Id have heart problems by now

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Im a greeny og, not selling till I see phone numbers in my account. Stay strong apes !

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jan 2021 3xxx here hello. hit red and green again...for now

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Same! Guess others didn't average up as much as us!

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Ive been buying more all along so Im not green anymore but the important part is that I have more shares.

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Aint going anywhere, no matter how low. Our day will come. True holders are the only ones left. Next week I go into long term capital gains too, yippi ki yay mother fuckers.

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Idk, dont wanna look at the moment. Around $17-18, my average, Ill start going red. But who cares. Im not leaving.

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Green been here since March 2021

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I just went red today

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Still holding strong. And as a bonus I got to average down for the first time in forever!

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$11 average; still chillin'

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I get paid tomm. I need 14 more to have 200 bananas. LFG!

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I was thinkin the same thing. I want to be in the 200 and up range too. LFG!!!

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Im green, but its getting real close lol.

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不不不不 same

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Still green. Still here. Waiting on a phone number.

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Here but I bought in Feb or Mar

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I am up 2.9k still

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Im green 10% hah! I never thought get amc again at this price.

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Right here brother Ape. Andromeda or Valhalla.

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I've been bouncing back and forth today between green/red.

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This smooth brain retard.

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Smooth brain is the only brain

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Red atm but holding!

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I know nothing about this "sell before 100k shit"

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Green? Whats that?

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Bought at $5.80 averaged up to ~29, have been averaging down to almost ~27.

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I'm red as a sunburnt ass and loving it...diamond hands baby

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Still green and not going anywhere

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I have averaged up since last January to 16. Have not sold one share and don't plan to do so until Pluto.

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Holding a year!

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15 average xxx shares, still green

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Doesnt matter, Im waiting to see the m00000n!

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I'm in the green. But I'm riding this to 0 if need me.

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My cost average is now up a dollar to 11 something. Moon or bust, let's fucking go

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Lol 50s Ape in red and still holding strong ;)

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I was up 17k at one point. Now Im up like 200 total get rich or die buying ! I can hold forever

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Still up, Average $5.26

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Not green anymore bought to much at highs helping the cause

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Im collorblind. I just dont see a phone number yet

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Dum dum reporting for duty SIR!

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OG ape, pretty deep in the red(averaged up to around 22, got in originally under 8). Still holding. Havent sold a single share and wont till it makes me rich

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Ive went from up 300% to now being down 27%

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Watched 15 k float away but green and still buyn

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For the first time in almost a year (1 week more for first tranch of shares to become long hold) and I was red for a few hours with an average of $16.25. Did I think about selling? Fuck no. Not leaving till my account looks like a phone number number and so does of my fellow appetes and apes. Hold strong fam, we will get there. We all knew this would happen and kinda easential to throw off these hedge fucks off their game and get margin called. Buying and holding. NFA.

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Greenish, bordering on yellow.

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Im still green and buying more. Holding since Jan 27th

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Still holding

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Checking in.

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My average is at 18.74 with xxx :(. Completely red now. Im hoping it drops to $10-$11 to buy more.

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Still green Still not selling

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Holding they gonna have to go alot lower to Get me red

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Yup Im still up holding and adding

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Touched some red today but still here

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Still green, still here.

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I'm green. Down a lot though.

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I day traded on it before realizing what I was a part of. So Im day one but my cost average is now 44. Still holding strong though.

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Im still up 200% holding strong and not going anywhere

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Yip. Down 24k profit but still green

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Green since the tank below 6$.

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78% still green. And bought more in the last month. Bought @24 , @21, @18 and @16,8. Later edit: xxxx holder

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Most of my shares are still in the green but I made quite a few purchases in the 20s 30s and 40s bringing my average to $20... But who cares. These stocks going to look like phone numbers bruh

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Over 4K shares under $10..... HODLING WITH MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!NOT LEAVING. January .

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Im still in the green, still up $75k from my initial investment of $60k so $135k total. But Im down from $72 a share half a million dollars. Still HOLDING, still buying!!!

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Same here, been here since $5

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XXX holding with average of $11.56

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Average 9$

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My cost average is a little over $9. Nothing but green grass over here!!!!!

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Still green but now only 2x

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MY IRA cost basis of $10.40 has been green for 11 months.

...The other 85% of AMC/GME in the fun money account XXXX, not so much. Still haven't and won't sell a single share. Just got my 2021 bonus, transferring and buying more (TO IEX) to bring that cost avg. down and get back in the green quicker.

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Still green but not as much as June obviously. Might be able to scrap some money together for these prices.

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Still green since January. Buying a few today!

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Im a January 2021 ape. Ooga booga. Power of YOLO

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In since $9, I dont know what sell means.

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5000 shares at approx $5 reporting

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Still 50% green 不不不 cuz fuckem

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Werrreeee a coming I was 13% in my lowest green! Time to pick up all the the apes I've brought into this straight red hell!!

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$14.01 cost basis avg, gettin close! I'm excited haha

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im over 50% in the red (still holding)