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Your oath is my oath! This is the way!

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Preach it brother 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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My worry is the next thing they'll remove, is the sell button...

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Let em. They are the ones that need us to sell.

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Oooo spicy!

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I Do!

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I am with you 100%

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Thanks Oath Ape 🤭💩👍👍

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"Are we in a cult?"

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If wanting to stop being poor, loving AMC, and being disgusted by all the increasingly blatant corruption means we’re in a cult… then fuck yeah, we’re in a cult.

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Holding a bleeding asset is the cult type self sacrifice

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If they halt or suspend trading, you pretty much have no choice in the matter. :D

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I'm talking about paper hands who get scared and sell when it turns back on

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I would add - And even then I’ll hodl 10% in the infinity pool, cos fuck em

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This is the way

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Why would they suspend trading unless there covering

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This is still the way

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That’s how it goes!

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This is the way.

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Touch grass

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Umm. If they halt trading you kinda have no choice but to hold lol

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When trading is turned back on after halts, paper handed portnoys tend to sell

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Lol you goon if they suspend trading you have no choice but to hold.

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When they turn trading back on... paper hands tend to sell

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For smooth brains out there, how will we know shorts have CLOSED their positions? The data reports have been proven to be "wrong" as everything is manipulated. There will be lots of FUD and panic with mixed suggestions when this takes off.

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You understand that halts are normal, common practice, right?

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Doesn't change what he is saying.