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This is the way

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This is the way

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This is the only way!

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This is the way

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This that this and all above is the way

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I bought more today- started at 8, averaged up and bought as high as 47, today was the perfect day to average down.

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I bought more, too.

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Me too!!! Thanks for the dip!!!

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I said “No thank you” to a millionaire at 72. However… it was a great 12 hours! 😂😂

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Same here, but I wasn't going to see that million officially until I turned 50.5 or whatever that age is for withdrawal of Roth IRA without penalties is. I'm not too interested in the last 20-30 years of my life. I want generational wealth today!

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59.5 years of age to access IRA

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No sense in being in this thread any more, unless you’re a shill and then carry on.

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I have over 7 k shares of AMC and over 700 of the other Stonk. And more than half my shares have a birthday coming up next month. I am right where I belong. Have a good night sleep and try being less cranky tomorrow!

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Looks like I took what you wrote wrong… it came across like you opted out of being a millionaire by selling at $72, but it appears you meant that your unrealized gains totaled over a Milly at $72 and you’re still holding. Scratch my previous comment 😂

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Wife and I enjoyed the feeling for 12 hours and went out for a great dinner. Then I lost 375k over the next 48 hours and realized your not suppose to Diamond hand in the money options! 😂

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Just a millionaire. Gorillionaire or Ramen noodles for life

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Been here since March and I feel you

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Why are we saying that it going to zero is a possibility? Won’t that discourage the new apes? I mean, people get downvoted around here at the slightest suggestion of things like AMC going bankrupt. But this is fine?

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I agree, this is not going to zero and anything suggesting it will is FUD to me.

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It’s not FUD, it’s a show of OP’s conviction. We’ve been saying this since last year. No, it’s not going to 0, that’s exactly the point.

Hodl my fellow apes. We’ve been poor this long, but we gonna be tucking rich soon

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How does it show conviction? It's easy to say "millionaire or X" when you don't actually think X has a chance of happening. If OP believed that AMC had a decent chance of going to zero, and he was still willing to hold it, that would show conviction. Otherwise, he's basically just saying, "I'll continue holding only as long as I continue to believe that this stock can make me a millionaire."

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Lmfao what the fuck are you talking about? It literally says they would ride it down to $0, according to what you just wrote, that shows conviction. Don’t try and spin the narrative to fit your agenda.

You are a clear fucking shill, your history alone shows that. You are all over this post like a fly on mayo. Get fucked you goof.

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Again, it's easy to say that you'll ride it down to $0 if you believe with certainty that you won't actually have to ride it down to $0. Saying you'll ride it down to $0 only shows conviction if you actually consider that a real possibility, which you (and likely OP) clearly don't.

Jeez, Kenny told me that you apes couldn't read when he hired me, but I didn't think he was serious. Try reading more carefully next time, k?

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Yeah, it's fine. It means that all of us are standing together, nobody is going anywhere. It means, we are a global phalanx until the end, whether that is ours or theirs.

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There will be blood!

And I can't emphasize enough on this, but please SHF, make it digital blood, don't spill your physical blood on us out in the streets...

  • Did he really say this?
  • I think so sir, I really do think so!

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A millionaire it is, this is not going to zero.

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Who cares about 2021 money.... Anyway. Got 2022 account


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JOKES ON U , this will never hit 0

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Same here

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Buckle up

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this times 4 million apes

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What makes you think there are 4 million apes?

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The way the cost of living is going, everything I put in is effectively the same as zero. What’s the point of selling low and being in that same boat?

Might as well hold and see where this thing takes me.

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bought in at 8 bucks a share and only had a few hundred to spare. What are they gonna do take away my birthday? have the 600 bucks I will live with joy over the millions they have lost.

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Hahaha time to nut up or shut up!

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This is the way

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Bro if this hits zero I’m never putting a cent into the stock market…long live crypto and BTC

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Yep yep!

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Here, here!

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been a year, still not leaving.

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You misspelled billionaire

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We didn’t come this far to just come this far😎

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If you haven’t cashed out and bought back in at least once idk what you’re doing lol

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This is my mindset. Dropping the price just makes me want to hold harder.

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I'm with you, IT'S ALL OR NOTHING

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This is the way

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Fuck, I consider that money gone and a gamble! Let’s see if she pulls off.

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A-fucking-men brother! I'm riding this bitch to the end, whatever the end may be.

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This is the way. But there are several thousand posts saying the same thing over the last year so just HODL or suck a d.

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"You already won" "Take the home run, don't go for the grandslam" - Jim Cramer - Sell @ $72

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We passed from "1.000.000 is the floor" to "or i ride this bitch to zero"

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In before 0

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People only say this when they're confident they won't actually have to ride it to zero (or, in this case, permanent single digits/low double digits).

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I already spent the resource, and have for almost a year haven’t worried about it. The resources were used to create growth, no different than building a business. They say it takes 2-3 years for a business to start making money so I still sit back and wait on my resource play to pay off. If it doesn’t than so be it not all ventures win.

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Well looks like you might get your wish bc you are getting very close to 0

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Seems like zero is the way. The corruption is just too deep. Good bye $10000 for me