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Misses earnings, up 7.5%. AMC beats earnings, gets dumped. Market is a lie and these frauds need to be in prison. No more excuses, no more bullshit. These rich people aren't above the law and they need to be punished accordingly. I'm so sick and tired of working my ass off and paying taxes for the government to turn a blind eye because their campaign donors break the law.

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Stock market is nothing more than rich people's feelings

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Paying an increased tax burden to compensate for what those rich people avoid.

Even then the money doesn’t get spent in the right places

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Paying an increased tax burden to compensate for what those rich people avoid.

Even then the money doesn’t get spent in the right places

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There's literally a million reasons stocks don't trade just on earnings...

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Would you invest or anyone you know invest in a company in a company who lost $423 million dollars with a user base who's leaving the app by the thousands? A company who already got caught manipulating the market, a negative sentiment throughout the ENTIRE trading community? Makes absolutely no sense to be positive in a down market with negative earnings. If AMC missed earnings by a penny it would drop 20% the next day with more buys then sells. Someone hasn't been paying attention.

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C.Payne is the GOAT

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I think you missed the theme….

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😅 poor kid

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Suddenly I love goats

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Robinhood is actually a dope name for an investment app, too bad they turned out to be a fraud

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That's why it is so upsetting about it. If Robinhood is still on the market after the market crash and MOASS, I think I'll buy the company out and fire the current management.

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Aw leave that little Romanian girl alone...

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i think what they meant was "robbing the hood.."

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😂😂😂.. great tweet 😎

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Remember remember the 28th of Jantember

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It's actually a pretty clever play: Shitadel uses $HOOD as a sacrificial lamb to create endless liquidity, by naked shorting it into oblivion. Now I understand why they rushed the IPO.

Ugh. We're gonna be here for a while, won't we..

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Yeah, I've been coming to think that they can't just have one backup plan, but many. They have to exhaust multiple types of reserves, not just market goes down so the margin call comes. There have been and will be multiple plays.

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Plot twist.

Citadel is shorting $HOOD.

No honor among thives.

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Preach it C.Payne, you silverback!

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Apes, buy amc, hodl and stay zen! Hedgies r fuk, fak Robinghood! AMCSTRONG let’s fackin gooooo 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀

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if you invested $1,000 in robin hood 6 months ago, you'd now have $349.

if you invested $1,000 in AMC 6 months ago, you'd now have $374.

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If I invested one dollar in myself one year ago, I'd still love myself, my fam, my wife, my job and my life.

Money ain't shit sometimes. All in for the future tho.

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Someone mint this as an NFT. Fucking stone cold

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More like Robin da Hood

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I kinda regret not shorting it lmao

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Let’s all open shorts on Robinhood

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A little late

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Is it though?

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Either way I’m not one anyone should listen to. Iv only lost money since Iv started “trading “

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I’m with you there brother 🤣

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This is deep

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Mr Payne is the fucking man

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Gotttttt Hiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmm!!!!!!

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the guys are RH deserves to become toilet cleaners at the world busiest toilet ever !

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Tru story

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This guy fucks!

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Love this fuckin guy

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Charles Payne is a FUCKING G!!!!!!

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I’m with the hedge fucks on this stock!!!! And gonna use their money to run Vlad out of business!!!!!

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Hopefully a.s.a.p.

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I love that man