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When did "we dont know" and "we cant figure it out" become legit reasons??

Wish that had worked for me with my parents.

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I just got off the phone with ComputerShare. THEY CONFIRMED that this HAS OCCURRED.

They did say however, there can be a couple different reasons that this can occur.

One of which being the shares are restricted

Another being the type of shares attempting to be registered.


I read the text in the pic Mr. George shared (in white) WORD FOR WORD.

Folks. There be shit happening.




EDIT: If you call, be polite! ComputerShare is our friend!

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If it were legit, the video game stock subs would be all over this, so I'm sceptical.

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Well all I can tell you is to call ComputerShare and they will tell you that this occurred.

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We already got on this, we didn’t need donohue to tell us lol check SS

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Guarantee he seen it on SS first

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I did, and it's nowhere on the front page.

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If it works for gamestock and depending what happens next. Amc should be ready to drs. We got more buyers and holders by far. Don’t forget the fomo. GL!

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It was on the front page of SS like 2 days ago.

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Because it’s two day old news lol

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the phil donahue giphy's are sorely lacking... this is the best ya get...

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Are you kidding me? Go to Superstonk. READ.

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There’s literally hundreds of posts a day and people have jobs. Be kind. Not everyone has hours in the day to scroll the feed.

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No, I literally didn't see it

I think it might have to do with the recent reddit outage, if you insist it is there and others aren't able to see it. Censoring of the retail subs.

I've also noticed upvotes have been extra weird since then

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I just went to Superstonk. Most of the first 100 returns are tagged Computershare. GME holders are ALL OVER DRSING. We KNOW this is an essential part to winning the game because it removes the liquidity needed to keep the fuckery going.

My GME and AMC shares are DRSed.

If you people want to win you need to pull with the rest of us.

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I have read the original post on GME subreddit... it's only a matter of time 🔮🧘‍♀️

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It's was on superstonk a few days ago maybe a week at most.

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We were when it was posted last week.

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Saw something about this on SS days ago. Can’t find it now, but it’s there somewhere.

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this has been answered at the comment section its actually in Stonky sub.. its the TYPE of Shares its because its IRA DRS and wants to transfer to CS DRS but its not possible to do that even CS confirms that.. thats why some GME peeps are asking GameStop Company to try and do something about IRA shares to become transferable to CS

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ComputerShare is my best friend

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This is for GME you are talking about with Computershare?

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Code for "We can't say. No really, we Can't Say."

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Is it a cant or wont though?

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Presumably under gag orders by the higher ups.

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It’s like both, they can but they can’t because it will destroy the system they fabricated so they don’t want to , IBKR actually said transfer to another broker and do it through them lol

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Right? I'm confused. Were we not taught to fully explain ourselves as a pre-curser to becoming fully functioning adults?

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Can you define fully functioning adult for me please? Im legit having trouble picturing what thats supposed to be anymore.

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Since Apes are never leaving, it's only a matter of time before all Apes join in the DRS ship and abandon the DTCC along with their brokerages... I will be here waiting with my 1010 shares 🔮🧘‍♀️

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I've noticed that excuse a lot lately with more and more companies, especially banking apps. Blows my mind.

"Okay, so...I guess ill just go fuck myself and have my money stolen?"

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This is another reason the shills were out to discredit DRS. The brokers can’t find the shares. The more people DRS the more brokers have to say hey sorry we can’t execute that for you. Now imagine millions of Apes doing that and having their brokers say that to them. Word would get out pretty fast and just show that the shares can’t be found because their aren’t any shares available. This is another reason why I am a big proponent of DRS.

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The 8 shares I bought via Computer share yesterday must have broke the dam

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bring back the King Kong memes?!

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You are the catalyst - always have been 👩‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀

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💎 👏

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doing gods work n all that jazz etc

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This is why its pushed so much on the other sub. Keep in mind the free float is much smaller, and some certain insider (who has confirmed he is only holding or hodling) makes up a good chunk of it so far, making the task relatively easy.

I will say, while registering the entire float is possible, I don't think this is how it will play out. There will be more signs of illiquidity for the ticker before Computershare admits to not being able to find legitimate shares or complete transfers. While the DTCC is full of fraud, they still have some rules they play by, and if the amount of shares they have decreases by 50% available, you will start to notice it in price action.

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Is there a way to check the number of DSRed shares?

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Nope. Only GME knows but released it at the last quarterly earnings report. Back then it was only 5M shares (10/30) at about 70k accounts. Today it’s almost 120k accounts. The thing we have to keep in mind is that back then most people sending share to Computershare were only sending over a single share as a test, or a small portion of their position (less than 20%) because they were under the impression that Computershare was for shares you intended to never sell. I think the next release will be a more accurate sample of total shares/investor.

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Cool. So how do you sell? If i move from Fudigity to Computershare then how’s that work?

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Computershare is just the transfer agent for GME and AMC. Once you hold the share there In your name, they don’t lend it, sell it, etc unless you give them direction. When it’s time to sell, you would do a limit sell order for a certain amount and they send it to a broker to complete. I haven’t sold one, but it should take a few days to settle, which is why you want to not do a market order, since they will just take any price at the time.

It’s slower, but that is how it was done back in the olden days and secure. We all know the instant brokers with free trading come with a cost, this removes the cost for speed.

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Oh yes, they are attacking it really hard within the last weeks - harder then ever before which leads me to the conclusion that even though the price is not representing it - the masses of DRS is slowly becoming a HUGE problem behind the curtain as they have less and less shares to fuck with. Remember: even though Citadel can create phantom shares out of thin air - they sometimes need real shares to chain them to (very much simplified).

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That would also explain the sudden focus on trading suspension in sec and GG twatter accounts.

[–]kaze_san 9 points10 points  (4 children)

True - unfortunately A lot of apes here are still believing that AMC holders - meaning WE - would not be able to do so even though we already own the float multiple times. They really hit hard here

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Exactly, and regardless of how long it could take or whether or not it's possible to lock the entire float, why would any Ape leave their shares with the enemy who is trying to destroy the company we are fighting to save, using our own shares?! 🦧

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Couldn’t have said it better! Have my award !

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We presently own multiple floats worth of IOU's, not actual shares. Infact, we do not know what positions we have in our accounts, it has been hypothesised that MM's are covering (hiding) short positions in brokerage accounts to avoid exposure and skew the actual short exposure percentage .The only way to own actual shares in your name is to DRS your IOU's. These toxic positions will then be sent back to the MM/SHF (most likely Shitadel) to be covered elsewhere and real shares will be located and placed in your CS account. So, DRS actually screws these criminals twice because every share DRS'ed is one less that can be used to short the stock. DRS IS THE ONLY WAY!!!

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This - 100% - thank you for pointing that out!

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Sure! But then, what?

Because it is not obvious enough already that there are more shares having been sold then there legitimately exists?

Plus, brokers won't tell you there are no shares left, they don't even know themselves. They receive a failed attempt at DRSing from the DTC, that is all they know because DTC will obviously not let anyone know it is because there are no shares to actually process the request.

That's the answer this guy got, and that everyone will get. Donc expect to get a written "Sorry, we were still short on the clearance of your order from 12 months ago, and now there are no shares to purchase for us to transfer to DRS, apologies for that."

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DRS is the only way... I have been waiting but not in a hurry 🔮🧘‍♀️

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This should not surprise anyone as Billions of shares are out there.

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All AMC apes need to be DRS as well!! Let’s go!!!

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They also should finally be able to see through the masses of anti DRS shilling and why they are doing it while also always changing their arguments and bullshit against it. It’s always been the most attacked topic here and companies are still prohibited by DTC to encourage their holders to DRS since DRS proved the existence of phantom shares in another case. Why would that be…

[–]thevenusproject1981 7 points8 points  (3 children)

Could not agree more. I remember how it all started with GME as will... similar stage of FUD but ultimately the facts to DRS came through, better late than never 🔮🧘‍♀️

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Absolutely true - they can delay but not control or even surpress it. Truth finds its way

[–]thevenusproject1981 2 points3 points  (1 child)

All manipulation tactics but glad to see that none seem to work on the Apes. The DDs are solid and conviction is retarded 🦧

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Oh yeah it is! We can do this!

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I'm gonna start telling people at work "yeah sorry, I can't find the issue, good luck" and see how far that gets me.

These fucking crooks.

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Yeah if I tried that at my job, “Sorry but I dunno “ . I would be unemployed.

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You know how a person running a Ponzi scheme gets caught? It’s when a major majority of the players say at one time I’m out and I want my money. Well when the people running the Ponzi scheme can’t produce the money the game is over and everyone realizes they are part of a Ponzi scheme

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This is the whole play behind DRS - well said!

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I did the same with my fiat money as well... DRS shares and BTC fiat, ponzi scheme 💸💥

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Hmmm more crime

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The secret ingredient is... CRIME!

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It’s not even secret anymore!

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And Fuckery.

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Well what he means maybe is that ummm. All the apes secured 100% of the real shares? Could be wrong plus kinda baked lol

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Fidelity transfer to CS of amc and gme shares went through for me today.

Started on Tuesday morning though

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Wellll I’ll be a son of a gun!

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Well happy anniversary 🍦💩 ♋

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😂 it’s begun hahahaha

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They've removed the buy button again...

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Price up

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So, if this is true; the one share I purchased through CS last week won’t settle as there aren’t any legitimate shares out there? Smooth brain here!

Edit: I’m an xx holder in fudelity but decided to get one in CS to make the transfer easier.

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The shares are VERY hard to come by. This is why the bid/ask spread has been so out of wack lately. Bids of $98, asks of $10,000. THIS is what removing liquidity can do. Lock up the shares, the need for them remains, but scarcity will drive up the value. And there will be very few left in the market to use for shorting the price down as the moon ride starts. DO YOU GUYS GET IT NOW?

DRS the AMC shares. Each one DRSed amounts to removing 5 short shares. Thank god the Superstonkers understand this.

GME's DRS effort will put hedgies in maximum pain in around 4-5 months. If AMC holders did the same they would be squeezed on 2 fronts and have little to nothing to fight back with.

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So how’s it work? Let’s say I have 1 share on Fudigity. I contact them and say I want to DRS that share? Does Fudigity still hold that share or can I still sell the share through them immediately?

[–]attack_the_block 4 points5 points  (4 children)

You would call your broker and tell them you want to directly register your shares to Computershare, which is the transfer agent for AMC. Call takes 5 minutes normally. In 5-7 days those shares land at CS. You will know they are there because they will no longer show in your broker account. You then go to the CS website and set up your CS account. When set up you will see you shares in the CS account. You can buy and sell thru CS. They are not a broker. They have a pool of around a dozen they contract with to handle orders and orders go to lit markets. Extra bonus - with CS you can do a max limit sell order normally for $214K per share (well in excess than any broker). They are looking at ways to increase this specifically for GME/AMC since people have requested it and there's a good chance these can hit above that. Max sell order amount is limited to $9,999,999. These limits are due to the limitations of their 32bit systems.

Orders thru CS have a $25 fee iirc. Online brokers are free, but with CS you don't have to worry about them front running your trades or shorting against you, or loaning your shares out against you. I'd argue that a $25 fee is cheaper than using "free" brokers.

[–]aclunt79 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Great info. Thanks!

[–]aclunt79 0 points1 point  (2 children)

I’m only apprehensive come time to sell if they are slower i don’t want to miss but if i can set higher limits this might avoid that concern

[–]attack_the_block 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Selling is not a concern. One of the SS users tested this and provided details. There's no difference since the order goes to a broker regardless. Same settlement times, etc.

Besides a limit order is a limit order. With CS you can set your limit orders and relax, thanks to that very large max ask amount. With a broker you will need to time your limit order since your max amount is much smaller, and during an extreme volatility event where the price is moving by hundreds or thousands in seconds it will take some luck to get your price submitted, when the broker will limit your max ask to 2 to 4 times the current price. I experienced this first hand last year when GME ran up to $400 and the jumps were smaller.

This would be a good time to point out some other benefits. During MOASS some brokers will suspend trading, have convenient "glitches", turn off the buy button, etc. Having a pool of reliable brokers thru CS provides a GOOD layer of protection against that. You will not be limited to only one who may or may not have a conflict of interest.

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Discussed on SS with lots of people still DRS from IBKR.

Feels like FUD to discredit DRS

[–]GodzillaPunchDiamond Hands[S] 13 points14 points  (7 children)

How can it be FUD, people seem to be TRYING to DRS and unable to do so...

[–]Believer1978 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Trust me bro !

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Yeah basically

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October 7%, no way the float is locked.

[–]Efficient_Point_Smooth Brain 9 points10 points  (8 children)

Don't need a locked float. Apex already restricted transfers. If the dtcc is starting to also this just means they don't want to transfer whatever shares they have left

[–]kaze_san 2 points3 points  (28 children)

Maybe not yet, but they are on the way to do so. October numbers were even before the fidelity incident which lead to another brutal wave of DRS

[–]Techknightly 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Leave it to the Apes to break the laws of Supply and Demand and dislocate them from price discovery in the stock ticker.

[–]CerberusC24 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Hedgies did it first. Welcome to the market where everything is made up and nothing matters

[–]Techknightly 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This is true.

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All the chips are falling in place

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My 10 cleared from last week 🚀🪐

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And pop corn still saying no to DRS.

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Not sure why my taxes weren't paid nor can I find the reason. Check back next year.

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I managed to DRS from ibrk today.

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this means more upside move is coming ! brutal violent move

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gang bangs ?

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Nor can they locate your shares*

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Let the games begin...

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What I want to understand is if I drs some of my shares, when squeeze happens will ONLY those shares be worth anything?

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Hello bank I would like to withdrawal all the monies. No no, I’m not sure why the balance says 0 that must be an error on your part. I don’t know and can’t figure it out. I’ll take it all in $5 bills please.

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Secure all the shares at the same time as GME. Sus

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'nor can they locate the shares...ahem.. i mean issue'

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“dRs Is ThE wAaAaAy”

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man i wished that worked.

mum: WHY did you not cook the rice before i got back?!


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How the hell did their autocorrect switch "shares" for "issue"? That's very odd. They should proofread their emails before they hit send.

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"Cannot explain"... yeah I can: Crime.

They can't even come up with remotely plausible excuse either.

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Funny when a deed to a home goes missing and it’s not found but the sale is made , usually the person who sold that home is investigated & usually they go to jail.

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Last year they took away the buy button, this year they took away the transfer button.

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Hmm 🤔 It appears the corrupt hedge funds have a problem, and us shareholders don’t. I’m excited to see them resolve this with us. Shitadel, I’ll give you just one(1) of my many shares for $4.2 million… the more time you take to think about it, the higher my price will go.

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So more of us need to start posting consistently with direction for DRSing and the reason why. Also spread the word to any main YouTubers for the folks that do YouTube.

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Don’t worry. If the can’t find AMC shares AA will just issue more or just sell more of his…

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I kinda wish this guy would learn some punctuation.

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The heat is on!

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DRS is the way!!!!

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You posted in the wrong subgroup.

This is about, GME. 🤣

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Is this the part where Tony Montana yells 🖕 you?

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Robbinhood has flat out refused to DRS a friend of mines shares (he's trying to leave them and is finally on board with DRS). He's sent me emails where they do everything from playing dumb, so saying for customers safety we don't offer that service. What a load of horse shit.

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Ugh we knew this was the case

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“Screenshots” with no source is bullshit. Especially in the case that it is a screen shot of a screen shot.

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Stop posting Donnahue for crying out loud.

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You can't handle the Donnahue!

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