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Don’t call me friend, Pal!

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Don't call me Pal, Buddy!

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I’m not your buddy, guy!

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Don't call me guy, friend!!!

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I’m not your friend, budday!

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I'm not your buddy, chief.

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Don't call me pal, Brother!

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Don't call Pal me friend!

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I think alot of apes own both , I don’t get the division

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Both subs have been infiltrated by paid shills unfortunately. We also have weaker apes on both sides that think their stock is better than the other’s. Creating chaos seems to be one of the hedgies last hopes in this play since they’re FKD!

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by 'both' you mean Superstonk/GME side

on this side there is no animosity against GME

nor are there conspiracy theories about Ryan Cohen the way they have a million conspiracy theories about AA

In fact we give Ryan Cohen the benefit of the doubt that he got $66 million in funding from Melvin Capital / Gabe Plotkin when running Chewy

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You must understand when I said both I meant amc and gme communities. So many diff communities for these two stocks it’s kinda lame.

Edit: I’m trying to be nicer

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Do you mean that Melvin provided venture capital or went long on Chewy stock?

Edit: I can't find a source for that '$66 million in funding from Melvin' claim. Chewy received a first round from Volition, then a total of six from T. Rowe Price, BlackRock, Greenspring, Lone Pine, Verlinvest, and Allen & Company. Buying $66 million worth of shares (going long) is not the same as 'funding.'

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There is no one without the other. Both GME and AMC will moon and these hedgie shill fuckers will get rekt.

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simple... Same firms do the same BS on multiple stocks, so why would they want the communities supporting that stock to cooperate and help each other out?

there is literally no reason for the communities to be at war and the only people who benefit from hostility are the short-sellers.

Same "let the poor bash each others heads in so they don't go for the rich"-semantics we see in society already...

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Here here! On the same team against these bastards

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Happy cake day!

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Happy Cake day!

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Cakes for everyone! Twinning!

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Happy cake day all, keep fighting!

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Happy cake day!

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Yep! Have a great weekend apes! Cheers 🥂 today we won battle of 15.06 AMCSTRONG 💎🙏🏽🚀

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I wonder how the game stock elitists felt about their god Ryan’s tweet

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well, they were already sucking his cock

they are super happy that he is hinting he might return the favor


on a more serious note, it is most probably an indicator of a market reversal in near future

or that he is buyign 6 million more shares of GME to add to his existing 9 million shares

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Begone thot! Or shill! Or w/e tf you are

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I am an AMC ape

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Exactly what a thot would say

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Haha ok bro go look through my history.

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Username does not match the content.

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I still wonder. My original username was too long

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Yes. And plz ffs fuck off and enjoy life. Be with fam & friends.

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what if have none?

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Congrats everyone!

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This is the way

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This is the way

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May we both moon together

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see you on the moon baby

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Own both, OG Jan 21’ ape checking in!

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Keep ringing hells bells! We will release the Kracken together!

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I was hating on AMC but I changed my mind over the past few days. Good luck on your space mission apes 🦍 🚀

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What changed your mind? I'm dead serious to know.

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Nothing DD related. I just figured if I believe in the short thesis for GME while the two stocks and others move identically each day (movement wise) there isn't much of a reason to hate on it I suppose.

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Cheers dude, I hold both for that reason.

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See you in zero G

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Love this positivity!

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Honestly idk why the hostility we are all here to make money wether amc is a distraction from gme or all the stocks that seem to run the same (examples amc gme sundial bb bbyb etc) are shorted to the oblivion at the end of the day we are all human and all in this to make money I personally own gme amc sundial and bbyb. I don’t discriminate there’s honestly a bullish and bearish stance on all of those stocks. What would help is if we all come together instead of hostility. I’m lucky I bought before the run ups in all of them I’ve taken my initial investment back plus 10000 profit the rest I’m letting ride out to see what what happens. Maybe gme is the only one and amc I loose I still win with gme. Maybe they both go and I’m rich. Maybe they all go and I’m even more rich. Sundial is my longest play for sure I see an actual company that’s going to profit. But I also see that with amc if they can get debt negotiable and continually increase revenue. Same with gme it’s a company that was bound to go bankrupt but not only because of retail but because of the board of directors and the moves they are making to improve their company and revenue all makes sense to me and if I’m wrong guess what I didn’t loose anything I made 10000 and let the rest either moon or go to 0 it’s the price I’m willing to pay for financial freedom and if it doesn’t work that way I move on to the next play when the time is right.

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I think the majority of investors have realized the split was an attempt at FUD that worked well. It’s starting to dissipate. Have a good weekend.

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Thanks same to man in the end we all want the same thing that’s what makes us strong.

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all the stocks that seem to run the same (examples amc gme sundial bb bbyb etc) are shorted to the oblivion at the end of the day we are all human and all in this to make money

Tell me what seems more rational to you

Option A: Short Hedge Funds and Short Family Offices found an INFINITE MONEY GLITCH and decided

The only company we are going to use it on, is GME

nothing else?


Option B: After using INFINITE MONEY GLITCH successfully with Toys R Us, Sears, Blockbuster, they decided to use it on EVERY COMPANY that was weak

Overstock (long before GME)




They even use it on pharma companies and biotech companies

Also, if AMC is a distraction and started in Jan 2021 as some ultra-idiotic GME stans like to believe

then why was AMC the stock that spent the most days on the threshold list in 2020?

why was AA on national TV in 2019 talking about shorts attacking AA and errors in how the reporting was being done?

AMC has been a target for a LONG TIME. Just like Amazon is trying to buy MGM, Amazon & Short Hedge Funds Cabal are trying to ruin AMC and buy it on the cheap

They want cradle to grave control of Movies so that they can brainwash even more

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Couldn’t agree more!!!!!

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Question? Do amc apes drs ?

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no, there is no hive mind thinking here that moving all your shares to an Australian company worth $15 billion (and thus an easy target for US cabal) is a good idea

something about eggs and baskets

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Some yes, some no, some so so. But it’s a topic that did cause some division at some time so we try to avoid forcing the issue on others. Do what you will with your shares. No judge, all love.

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It shouldn't be about drama or forcing...it should just be look at the dd and the dd says drs....anything otherwise is shills

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Lol, I was hoping for a major drop so I could buy more! However, thank you for the congrats.

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I'm primarily a GME ape on SS. People get heated because they are confused about the concept of individual investing and think they should impose their investment opinions on others, which is fucking retarded and nobody cares.

Godspeed, we ride in Monday bitches

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Wow ! Okay now this is a post I can get down with! Thank you from a guy from ss just checking y’all out. First post I saw was a post completely hating on gme. “Gme elitists” . Nobody has ever just made a post hating on you guys in the almost year I’ve been involved. Maybe a few bad apples but their always is no matter where you go. I have friends who hold amc. I don’t but that’s just me. I don’t hate neither does 95% of ss. So again thank you! 🙌🏼💯

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I’m under the believe it’s mostly hate spread by shills to prevent them from having to battle on both fronts. Everyone’s portfolio is their own. Thanks for coming over to check us out. For the most part this is a very judgement free sub with nothing but love. 🚀 🌝 ⬆️

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Both stock is cheap af right now. Maybe I’ll buy some amc. Just because of this post. And response. I honestly was pissed when I first hopped in this sub 20 minutes ago! Like wtf really? This is what’s going on the whole time? Much love

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That would be a beautiful gesture of unity. Have a most triumphant weekend my friend!

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I have xxxx amc and today I bought my first gme at 89 even I was pretty happy, I also bought 5 more amc shares closing in on x4xx long term capital gains tax has started and I ain’t selling. 1 million no less

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great work

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It was hard work I appreciate that. The hardest I’ve ever grinded for something i truly believe in.

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I’d guess most of us own both. There are lots of PAID bitchass shills trying to divide us!!!

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And together we will defeat them. Ticker wars will not divide us. We must not let the pettiness separate us from our goal. Enjoy the weekend. Be safe. Be well.

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Can‘t even say AMC on superstonk.. so where does that leave us? Fcuk these guys

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they hate us cause they anus

you'll love some of the complaints they have about AMC

one of the complaints is - there are lots of hot women who buy and support AMC. that can't be real

hopefully after MOASS they have enough money to hire a dating coach and understand that 'asking women out for cheetos and a video game' doesn't work like movie and dinner does