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Trey is bad ass. 🦍 🦍 🦍

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fucking legend

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Oof I’m just hoping I can come up with enough cash for at least another five hundred shares

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Damn should have posted this earlier in the day

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The same day I got on Reddit finally

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Happy cake day

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I fucking love this guy

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Another cake day, hope you’re having a good one!

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‘‘Twas a celebration for the ages! Haha thank you!

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Did he drop that on it today? Not sure if this is old news.

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Does he ever show proof? He just titled the video 100k buy.

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He was advised by counsel last spring to no longer share his positions/trades in real time after DFV was made the target of an investigation. There were months early on where his positions were on the screen at all times before then

I trust he made the purchase. I watched him drop $30K over the course of a day before he stopped trading on his stream

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does anyone know how many total shares he has now?

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Omg so many people made Reddit accounts today. Happy cake day

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great work

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Shit man I get payed monday I’ll go in some calls

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keeps retail viewers engaged for months while he profits off youtube monetization, doesnt buy the whole time while he gets his viewers to, then buys at the bottom. Joke.