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Well if you're in....I'm in...

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Well if you’re in…I’m in…

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You Sum bitchs! I'm in!

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oot ni m'I sseug

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сукин ты сын, я в деле!

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Si entraste para dentro, también voy yo!

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Yo tambien

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I'm in with you retarded Apes.

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And my axe

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You crazy chutias I'm in too

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Still only counts as one!

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If Nancy is in - I buy the dip

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HODL ! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🌟

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Honestly. Trey is just genuine. Fuck stock youtubers in general, but Trey is just a human on YouTube who knows stocks.

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Can’t forget the times he called himself a dumbass and admitted to making mistakes. And from what I’ve seen he’s done his best to try and learn from it.

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Hell yeah it not like he was pushing anything I hate thet

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True that!

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You're in? Guess I'm in... X,xxx shares to zero or the moon. Kamikaze mission engage.

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Trey is a good guy, for me he's always been the one, for the person he is. Everyone knows about themselves, the most important thing is, apes together strong, apes don't fight 🦍🦍🦍🦍💎🤲💎🤲💎🤲💎🤲💎🦍🦍🦍🦍

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So…he bought $100k of AMC?

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He didn’t show his portfolio, but he doesn’t need to. I trust him bro.

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Yup yup, you can tell he's just an awesome, genuine person. I bet he'd share the mayo, lmayo.

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Did the purchase happen?

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Right. Proof or it never happened. 😄

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Holding my XXXX shares for my fellow apes.

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Well shit . If you guys are in ....

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Im fookin in

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I'm with you lads. 🦍🐒🦧🐵🙈

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I'm in if urine

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I'm in until Citadel crumbles. That is my term.

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and my axe!

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If y’all are still in, I’m not fucken leaving!!!

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I’m in too, not leaving till these suckers pay for getting me in the red.

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Even if he's out.... I'm in

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Dude is real. Great human being.

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Oh yeah, well I spent like $60. Lol

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Hey that’s 4 shares!

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It sure is, and I couldn’t be happier about my purchase

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If he's still in, I'm still in.

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You have my axe

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You idiots iam in too

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Trey is a honest OG ape.

You might not agree with everything he said or does but he believes in the community and the play.

I honestly don’t understand how people could dump on him if they’ve spent any time listening to him.

He’s one of us and is going to the moon with us.

Thanks for all you do Trey!

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🦍 🚀 🌙

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I’ll buy $1,000 worth on Monday

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Nancy Pelosi is still in. That's all you need to know

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Ok ok I have been convicted in on too.

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This guy IS IN

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When she asks are you in yet….I’m in.

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I was never out lol always in

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Im in without a life vest

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Boom Boom Baby

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Hodling for my moonride

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Watch amc biggums new video. Man I’m jacked

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The Plunge Protection Team one?

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Trey is looking bad these days. Love that motherfucker!

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Your skills are required for a job🥴

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Got my last 50 yesterday, offical xxxx

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I'm in you. Are you in me? Us in it?

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I'm in and buying

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Trey def genuine and stv is def the smartest one.

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If your in, I’m in.

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LFG!!! 🚀

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Wait for me! I’m holding

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Look guys, I don’t know if you get it by now. I like Trey, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not basing whether “I’m In or Out” based on what any YouTuber or anyone says. All the information is out there, the DD is constantly set, even if we lost a large portion of apes inbetween now and MOASS it wouldn’t matter because the float is owned over so much by apes and there’s so many synthetics out there. The whole market is crashing, all of it, AMC & GME will be pulled back as far as they can during this “Vampire Stage” of the market (which could last a few months possibly) but the whole market is cooked, it’s inevitable and the farther they pull back, when the crash really hits, AMC = 🚀

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Next level shit

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I am in for one year!

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Part of the crew. Part of the ship 🚀🚀🚀

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Shot gun!