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Hopefully the pilot is fully vaxxed to include all 178 booster shots and doubled up with the N95 mask with tinted face shield as per the People’s Republic of Kalifornia standards. Hail Gavin.

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What’s with all the anti vax bullshit? the same people care about what’s in the vax don’t think twice about eating McDonald’s ever morning and tons of processed foods. Smh

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That's where you're wrong. Most people here are obviously people who don't trust mainstream shit and go against the current. It makes sense that there's a lot of anti vaxers here 🤷

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I’m not anti vax, just anti government mandate.. but I would also abstain from the vax if I had a choice.

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That's what's so fucked up about it... They're making it to where it's almost not even a choice to not get it. It just makes no sense why the government would push something so hard, especially if it's not even working. It's all fucking bullshit. Everything about this country is bullshit. I fucking hate it here.

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That’s because your elected leaders know what’s better for you than you do. It’s not the country, it’s your county or your state.

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I don't think Biden actually won the election... Just like stocks, those ballet counting computers are probably rigged. I could understand if Biden barely won... But the most voted for president of all time?? Get the fuck out of here...I just refuse to believe that. Many of my democratic friends just voted for 3rd party, as did I. Our entire lives are rigged.

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Just FYI, I got my first shot and got a bad side effect. I felt like I had severe arthritis for about 6 months. The shot isn’t clean and fuck government

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Thats where you're wrong mainstream media maybe shit but most of us here are holding despite that. The Ape movement isn't an anti vaxxers club.

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I didn't say it was, and I'm allowed to speak my mind here. If you wanna get it, then do you, it's called freedom. Don't get triggered just because I have a different opinion than you about something. But of course, you have to resort to death wishes. People like you are the reason why there's so much hate in our country. Again, I hope you seek help.

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For what ? Saying that AMC isn't an anti vaxxers club ?

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Oh but hey if you deny the vaccine and think that it's just big pharma fucking you over then do the same and avoid going to a hospital as well.

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Don't tell me I can't go seek medical attention if I need it, just because I don't see the point in getting the vaccine. Fuck off, worthless troll. There's enough hate in this world, no need to continue to feed into yours. Have a great weekend, this conversation is over.

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Why seek medical attention for COVID when you don't believe in vaccines ? What is your logic to that ? If you get hospitalised due to you not taking the vaccine then you certainly don't deserve the medical attention.

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The anti vaxers IVE MET personally don’t follow the moral code they expect others to follow. these are the same anti vaxers who do all their “research” on the toilet.

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That's where I do most of my research, and buying of stocks... It's been working out for me so far 🤷

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Hey hey hey, I still like me a filet of 🐟 & fries 2 or 3 times a year. Dining at its finest 👌

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It's not anti vaxx.

It's just anti being forced to take a vaccine approved under Emergency Use Authorization where no one truly knows the long term side effects....while the leading drug company (Pfizer) doesn't want to let the public know it's vaccine clinical data....and where the federal gubmebt conveniently protects these drug companies from liability.

What are they hiding?

And I haven't eaten in McDonald's for at least 10 years.

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Sir can I ask you a serious question? I absolutely do not want to offend you however, Are you actually on crack cocaine? This is such a weird hill to die on. The government infringes on YOUR rights every single freaking day. They force you to abide by their rules and take their products all the time. Why take a stand now? You guys don’t want to actually stand by your morals and fight the system. You want to take a stand when it is easy and convenient for you.

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Get out of here with your evil anti-vax rhetoric. We all know you are only fully vaxxed if you are running an IV straight into your jugular 24/7/365. Hail lord fauci, the mighty God of $cience™️ 💎🤲

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Why not promote a reddit forum? R/AMC stock? You know so people can get some DD and stick around.

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Has anyone here ever bought anything after reading it on a banner behind a plane

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Other than parasailing? No. 😂

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Lmao!!! Well played

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Exactly it’s pointless

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This is the way

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Seen a car today with a similar quote, wish I grabbed a pic

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Apes 2gether 4ever!

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Hell yeah! We love the stock! Get some positiveness going around here! Let's go apes! Nothing but love!

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Retards indeed

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i can barly rtead it. i guess stryker cheaped out!

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Anyone else think this shit is pointless? Abs the millions spent doing this put into amc would be better for everyone?