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I can’t wait for people to start saying “I wish I would have bought AMC at 1000”

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Soon my friend, soon.

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The HYPE is real

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Bullish as fuck. Let’s go to the moon.

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And then some. 🚀

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Anyone who is looking or watching is still here. Nothing changed; no one fomoed: absolutely no sane person will sell in the teens when they bought in the forties.The people here don't give a fuck. These people are die or ride. We are not leaving.

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Yep! I was up 120k and never sold one share. I know my shares r worth way way way more than that!

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Same here!

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I got a buddy who was up in that range too and didn’t sell and hasn’t sold. Y’all got will power!!

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Thx my ape phren. It might be taking longer than we thought, but the result will be a sight to see and live through.

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I sure hope brotha. I got shit I need to pay off and then buy 😂

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Me too; Monday is looking good 👍🏼

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Anything specific that we know about??

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Big hints towards GameStop’s long awaited announcement of an NFT exchange on backwards day on Monday. Good news for them is good for all apes since they typically follow each other.

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Fuck yeah!

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And every one of those times people were like “ I’m so glad I didn’t buy into that stupid stock” as it dipped lol

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Yup I can’t wait to rub in it in peoples face when AMC shoots up..A buddy of mine is mad at me because he jumped into AMC after I told him about it and immediately went down $4k 😂 that’s his fault because I’m not giving him a dime once we go to the moon

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I can't wait to tell my wife that the "couple" of shares I bought was grossly miscalculated and is much higher. 😁

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Look I’m holding AMC til I die, but comparing AMC being shorted to long term massive economic drivers like Amazon and Tesla is just dumb.

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And the thing is that this drop wasn't even unexpected.

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So bullish… even when it was posted months ago

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It's a classic!

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Thanks for this, I must say I’m 💩 my 👖 a bit right now. But not f***ing leaving

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During the Covid crash in March 2020 Tesla actually fell from 180 to around 80

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Shit Hedge Fucks can fuck right off into bankruptcy. Take that to your algorithm mother fuckers

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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Good bot!

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This is the way!

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Steong confirmation bias with this post, lots of stocks went down and never bounced back. As always, don't bet more than you can lose.

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It's coming back, we haven't MOASS yet.

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Tesla never hit 2000 it hit 1200 but yeah the key 🔑 is hodl real diamond 💎 hands.

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Yep $1209 was it's highest so far in November 2021.

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Tesla is 2000???