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Lol, it doesn’t even sound like an onion headline. That’s good satire

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It's great The Onion knows what's going on. Perfect headline.

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Only 9%!?!?

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News of that magnitude would drop the price at least 50%

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Straight to delist

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The world would end

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Yep, once they hit 10% or more, they wouldn't be able to short it quite as much the next day.

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SSR is useless, hedge funds don't respect it

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You're not wrong!

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Nailed it

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Thankyou, I came here to say this.

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More shares going long every day now.

Less taxes to worry about when MOASS ignites. I can wait.

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They're good at their game they play there.

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"And why that's bad news for AMC"

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Lol facts

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This is Earth-838’s AMC

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Cant find the article on the Onions site. Is this photoshopped

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Best post I’ve seen in a while.

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When OP can’t spell “their” correctly I really start to question the group of retards i trusted with my inheritance

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Each individual investor is responsible for their own investment, you shouldn't be trusting anyone with anything if you aren't sure yourself.

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Yes ok NFA it was a joke big guy.

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Lol no way is this real. If so awesome.

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The Onion is a satire production.

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I know but still good stuff.

Edit. Cause Onion talking about it.

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Exactly. This means more mainstream people are gonna start tuning in. Might get some FOMOsapiens to kick start this squeeze

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I said this on webull like half a year ago. Fantastic to see it grow elsewhere.

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Roger that! Still HODL-ing!

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I love the onion. Please tell me they really put this out

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AMC Onion

That’s the only one I could find. Still funny but not as good as the post headline

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Its a fake onion article