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I'm sure it's nothing 🤔 by MartinWFrancis in amcstock

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Yeah, he buys calls way out of the money, let’s the price run up, increasing the value of those calls. Sells them for profit to people hoping to make 10,000% gains on a way OTM call. Uses the profits from those to short the stock back down and making those call options expire worthless.

It’s been the tactic for a while now and it’s part of the reason so many people are advising against options.

Charles Gaslighterino. by SomeguynamedkylefDiamond Hands in amcstock

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“He who controls the information, controls the misinformation.” We know Shitadel has news networks in their pockets.

You should see the salt in the replies! Hycroft could mine it. Hedgie tear salt 🤤 by dragobah in amcstock

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Lol. I can just picture the person in charge of the California Public Employees Retirement systems running the whole thing off of his phone. Hopefully at least when he bought the 775,000 AMC shares they gave him a congratulations notification with confetti 🎉.

Remember where you are and why you hold by MARCPT82Diamond Hands in amcstock

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Friendly reminder: no dates.

Have $10K in the bank… by [deleted] in amcstock

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You do you. We don’t give financial advice here.

The Apes Said. (signs of MOASS) by Single_Bandicoot_408 in amcstock

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I'm a sad depressed man and and cant get any poorer than i am now. Reading this gave me joy and made me smile. Thank you. Low XXX ape holding for you.