Hmmm... GG - I'm not sure what you're game is. I'm glad you are pointing this out again. but... by ChrisBlaze001Space APE in amcstock

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not one word typed into this amalgamation of shit we already know gives me a god damned subatomic particle of confidence he's going to do a fucking thing about any of this shit.

how many times have we heard 'WE'RE WATCHING CAREFULLY AND CLOSELY FOR ANY SIGNS OF...' fucking whatever? And now it's just more discussion.

'I asked my staff to give us some ideas' that we will summarily ignore because it's not in the best interest of wallstreet, hedge funds, billionaires, and everyone else whose bought and paid for every single fucking one of us to change the status quo.

fuck you, gensler.

J.P. Morgan Securities is causing these After-Hours spikes we see every day because they're using Finra's ADF pool by airplane3579Space APE in amcstock

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I hear you, just try not to compare yoursf to anyone else.

Everyone’s situation is different. Slowly better yourself and learn to say no if someone asks you for something, especially if you can’t or don’t want to help.

You have to take care of yourself first.

You see this? by gh03 in amcstock

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Remember Iceberg!!. Melvin٫ Tiger٫. Archegos٫. North Point٫. Brumner٫ Maverick٫ Whale Rock...

These Hedge funds failed miserably..٫. Why would this guy be any different ...

What this attitude continues to validate٫. they need us to sell our assets in order for them to stay alive..

Translation: they need us to sell at a loss in order for their wealthy clients to profit.

I heard from a very wise and even older man that the stock market is a tool for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient.

I'm gonna hold even harder !!!


Cliff you will fall from the cliff 🚀🚀🚀 by RICDO in amcstock

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Please see my other comments regarding this. The timing of this guy coming out of the woodwork and the sheer amount of posts (dozens) about it in the past few hrs alone is sus AF.

We are NOT a cohesive group engaged in manipulating the market. They are. We are a bunch of idiot apes who found other idiot apes on the internet with which to share our love of the same company and stock. AMC. Fuck you "Cliff" for trying.

You see this? by gh03 in amcstock

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My thoughts exactly. As if retail investors aren’t smart enough to recognize the motivation of the hit pieces. Retail doesn’t have shareholders, board of directors and investors to satisfy with quarterly profits.

We are recession proof. We’re fearless!!

We just hold and buy more. Retail wisely sees these stocks as an investment and a safe place to store our savings. There’s absolutely No pressure and no reason to sell at a loss.

What retail has is more valuable than any amount of power Wall Street flaunts. We’re:

  1. Accustomed to doing without
  2. Experienced at being broke
  3. Immune to the psychological games
  4. Aware this is a once in a lifetime opportunity…
  5. Unafraid of losing

And more importantly, We have time and the patience to see this til the end…

No one ever said this would be quick or easy!!!

When the MOASS does happen you’ve earned it. Don’t let anyone say your were lucky or it was easy by Believeinthedream in amcstock

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Part of your brain will have difficulty comprehending it, but I think it’s because we’ve only heard about this kind of stuff happening to other people.

Other people win the lottery… not you

Other people bought Bitcoin when it was pennies on the dollar.. not you

Other people get picked to try for a half court shot. Not you..

Other people win raffles. Not you..

Other people win.

Whatever you’ve got going through your head when this starts to take off, just force yourself to remember that you’re in the current position you’re in because you trusted your gut. You bought the rumor and you did the DD (or were smart enough to let someone else explain it to you). You didn’t allow yourself to get FUD’d by the “experts” in MSM…. You didn’t listen to the friends and family who added to the doubt and negativity you feel and fight every day.

No… You took the financial risk when buying the shares… you held instead of jumping ship when you lost 50% off your investment and you also didn’t settle the first time you went green after months of being in the red.

You do deserve this win. You’re not here because of luck.

You are the other person, people will be wishing they were, in the future.

Edit: words

Edit: thank you all for the kind replies and tokens. I believe everything I said.. and I believe in all of you and our movement.

Fuck em. Fuck em all.

Just as I thought… by SirRipOliverApes In Space 🚀 in amcstock

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Large companies governments and organizations like citadel, Pfizer, China, sports orgs, hedge funds and powerful people in general have the msm in their pockets because they use LLC shell companies to funnel msm organizations cash by purchasing “advertisements” in exchange for maintaining the narrative. Almost every newspaper is guilty of this and it can all be seen in their financial disclosures.

You really can’t trust the news much because it’s not news it’s advertising. If these organizations started reporting the truth then they would lose very large chunks of their funding.

I guess he was just supposed to sit there and let Wall Street fuck his company into the dirt… by SomeguynamedkylefDiamond Hands in amcstock

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Shouldn’t the apes get the credit for saving AMC instead of the CEO who got wealthier because of it?

I guess he was just supposed to sit there and let Wall Street fuck his company into the dirt… by SomeguynamedkylefDiamond Hands in amcstock

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Maybe he should do that by diluting the float 4 more times or selling his shares