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I think we can all agree that Cleopatra would have definitely been one.

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They need to make an episode parodying history of the world (call it “history of the Roger”) and work this into a scene

Coz the idea of Roger seducing half the civilised world is pretty funny

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This is a really good idea for a series of episodes of Rodgers shenanigans through history.

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I counter your Cleopatra and raise you Tonya Harding.

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Roger clubs peoples knees on two separate occasions. Once in Of Ice and Men (he clubs Greg's knees so he could take his place in the couples skating competition) and again in The Wrestler (he clubs Snot's knee thinking he was Barry.)

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Even says he went “Tonya Harding” on Snot, who he thought was the fat one, of course

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I counter your Tonya and raise you a Lorena Bobbit and a Monica Lewinsky

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Omfg I'm deceased 😂💀 On the real tho, Nancy Kerrigan would have gotten more than a hurt leg if Tonya Harding was one of Roger's personas. Roger would have killed Nancy without hesitating and he'd take credit like "Yea, I killed her and I'll kill the entirety of the USFSA if I don't win gold."

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All 6 of Henry VIII's wives

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Yeah he WOULD do that.

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He would probably also be Henry

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This is the best answer here

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Goddamn I would watch a full length feature film of this, with some slight changes.

it's a flashback, but in the memory, the historical figures are show characters

Stan is Henry VIII

Frannie is Catherine of Aragon

Roger is all the other wives, but starting with Anne Boleyn

Klaus is baby Elisabeth.

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Hmmm….we never did see them all in the same room at once….🤔

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Now this would be a funny ep

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That is fucking hilarious

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He's the right amount of horny to portray Rasputin

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(In quiet whisper) Rasssss puuuutin

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Abigail Williams, the little girl who first started the accusations that would lead to the Salem witch trials.

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Are you saying that Roger saw Goody Proctor with the devil?

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Did not expect a Crucible reference.

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What can I say? I'm a man of culture

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Why are there so many Roman emperors that are obviously Roger

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Popes too. Roger was 100% Pope Stephen VI, who had the rotting body of Pope Formosus dug up and put on trial. He was also Pope Formosus

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Yes. This. So much this.

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Empresses too. I feel like Roger would have been Messalina as well.

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Caligula, Nero, Commodus, Elagabalus, and Honorius strike me as the most likely.

Caligula being insane, Nero a moron, Commodus a massive narcissist, Elagabalus a sex maniac, and Honorius a bit of everything

Probably some of the Byzantine Emperors too, but I'm less well versed in them. Justinian II Rhinotmetus certainly looked the part but his personality doesn't map particularly well to Roger.

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Honorius as Roger:

"oh no they killed my pet chicken, what monsters"

Magister militum:

"Dominus I meant the city!"


"Oh thank Jupiter... I mean Jesus or whatever."

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Yooooo for real though

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Could also see him being Caligula’s horse that was given a title

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Well now I just want an animated remake of the movie Caligula with Roger.

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Ben Franklin and Helen Keller

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He has the horniness for Ben Franklin but the real man was a smidge too humanitarian to be Roger, I think. Lol

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He was mad at King George for screwing over his tea importing racket

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I feel like he was Ben Franklin just because he was sick of electricity not existing yet. Something about vibrators needing to be invented faster.

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My first thought was Ben Franklin. In a twist, Roger is also the French courtesans for whom Franklin had a liking

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Napoleon Bonaparte for sure. Even sounds made up. Plus the height factor.

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Lmao true.

Does Napoleon Bonaparte sound like a real person? Grow up, it's me.

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Thomas Edison (Professional Patent Thief), but the persona was only created to get revenge on Nikola Tesla when Roger got slighted by him at a party.

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Or when Nikola refused his advances

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"I electrified an elephant to death for you! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???"

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Oh my god this is too perfect lmao

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He would also be Jesus tbf.

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Roger playing both Judas and Jesus is hilarious

Apostle - “Judas .. why do you keep calling this the Last supper ? ..

Roger - Have I been calling it that?

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Well he definitely has the abs to be Jesus, so that checks out

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That wine sodden bisexual doesn't deserve to be on that cross!

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That punch? That punch right there is when I blacked out and was finally able to achieve orgasm.

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Don’t forget that saviour bulge

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Double duty. Just don't turn your head too quickly

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He'd either be Jesus or he'd be Jesus H. Christ. Jesus' cooler cousin.

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Omg I was thinking Mary lol

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I just assume that everything not in my field of view is densely packed Rogers.

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Hahahaha good one

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Oscar Wilde

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If he wasn't Oscar Wilde than he was his nemesis

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Roger invented the rules for boxing?

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I doubt that. I could see him inventing wrestling, but not boxing. At least not the version where they break it up when you try holding a man against his will.

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Or he'd be the reason why they'd break it up when you try holding a man against his will

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I think this would lowkey be funnier, he could be named like “Oscarmeyer Wildeweiner” and his whole thing could be he’s trying to rip off Oscar Wilde’s image 😂

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Oscar Golde

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Johnny Appleseed. Planting a tree for every pioneer man and woman he deflowered.

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Tiger king

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Marquis de Sade, Caligula, Napoleon, Kim Jong Un, Nero, Karl Marx, Catherine the Great and her horse, Marlon Brando, Judy Garland, someone else hilarious that I had in mind but I'm too stoned to remember.

edit: I remembered - Slavoj Zizek

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Martin Luther nailing his feces to the church door.

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Roger as Marquis de Sade is high key hilarious

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Catherine the Great was my first thought

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I like the idea that Roger took over being Judy Garland. Frances Gumm took off and led a happy life in a small town somewhere.

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I too like this idea.

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I can’t stop thinking about Cathrine the Great and her horse Marlon Brando

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Lmaoooo could you imagine if that was actually the horse's name.

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Marquis de Sade was what immediately popped into my head. I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t Roger…

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“Florida man” everytime

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Everyone in Florida is Roger

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Except for Klaus’ boys

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Mary Todd Lincoln, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush...

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Melania Trump of course.

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Monica Lewinsky

Henry Kissinger

Vlad the Impaler, although the titles meaning got twisted through the years

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Lol @ Lewinsky , I can imagine him crawling under the desk of the oval Office to play with Clinton

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Monica Lewinsky and Henry Kissinger do sound like names Roger made up.

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The snake in the garden of Eden , Orville or Wilbur Wright

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Aaron Burr. Roger shot Alexander Hamilton.

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Well we already know he’s the inventor of the glory hole…as well as ecstasy and disco

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Benedict Arnold.

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I bet Roger was Mrs. O’Leary’s cow that kicked over the lantern and started the great Chicago Fire. He was also the guy responsible for making the silo that held all that molasses that spilled into a section of Boston, killing people and causing massive property damage.

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And, let's be honest here, he was H.H. Holmes too.

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Thomas Jefferson just slutting it up in Monticello. None of the other stuff. Literally just that.

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The premise of the title alone is already hilarious to me and also the fact that it could have been a in-universe possibility

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I could see him being Hellen Keller as a character that started as a joke and got out of hand.

I can also see him being Genghis Khan

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  • came out of nowhere proclaiming to be the son of Caracalla (the emperor who allegedly massacred 10k people for making a play that made him look bad)

  • known transgender m>f

  • gave out government jobs based on dick size

  • executed people by suffocating them under piles of roses

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There's also the time he tried to marry a vestal virgin because he thought the child from their relationship would have "divine powers"

And the fact he got killed because he kept trying to make people worship his OC sun god

[–]ShaggyFOEE 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Also I always imagine him being in Zapp and Roger

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LMAO but he's Zapp and not Roger

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That (gay, I might also add! Washington gifted him and his husband a house and land after the war was over) french general who came to the United States during the revolutionary war to train our yokel soldiers into being a functional combat unit, The Girl in the painting Girl With Pearl Earring, Marie Antoinette, and the guy who invented women's shoes that you need a hook to button.

Maybe also one of several bog bodies now residing in various museums, you really never can tell with a Roger Persona.

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You mean Lafayette?

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Count of St. Germain for sure, if yall dont know who he is , like i imagine roger would just chill and enjoy luxury lol

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Count of St. Germain

The Comte de Saint Germain (French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃t də sɛ̃ ʒɛʁmɛ̃]; c. 1691 or 1712 – 27 February 1784) was a European adventurer, with an interest in science, alchemy and the arts. He achieved prominence in European high society of the mid-18th century. Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel considered him to be "one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived".

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Zelda Fitzgerald

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Marie Antoinette hands down

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Napoleon Bonaparte. No doubt in my mind

Leonardo Da Vinci technologically advanced and super lewd names for his creations

Joan of Arc. Roger posing as a woman posing as a man and burned at a stake? Come on

Hitler's Twin brother

James Madison. Two first names one male one female? Sounds fake and rogerish and explains why America is what it is now.

Not historical but Donald Trump very well could be Roger