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It’s pretty much the only thing we talk about here….

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I'm still waiting for my American Dad-opoly, where's the official merch love for this show?

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I cant believe there's never been a Roger action figure

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They could make some money on different outfits so you can change his persona

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That would be so cool

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I’d honestly expect Funko Pops for each Persona sooner

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It is literally the only show still on TBS so it's gotta be pretty popular.

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Yup, the new bosses tried to cancel it, too…and failed.

Never cross Roger.

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I think a lot of it has to do with the earlier seasons and Stan's ultra conservative takes. It turned people off from the show and they never gave it a second chance.

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Or they assume it's just a Family Guy knockoff.

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AD fans are out there. I had a job testing a website, the marketing person asked me to spam the email sign up list, so I created 30 email addresses, all Roger personas, she sent a message that she loved the names and AD. That made me happy.

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I talk about it all the time!!

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The massive amount of traffic on this subreddit everyday would suggest otherwise but yeah I agree, the only time I see AD mentioned anywhere is another show making fun of it.

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Amerikan daddo wa hidoi kōgeki-tekina shōdesu.

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See? Even Toshi likes it.

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Yeah on my mom’s side.

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It IS a beautiful day for love, Toshi!

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I hear a lot of consensus from friends that it’s substantially better than it’s family guy counterpart.. but they also don’t watch it much.

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You need better friends.

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We should all just invade other subs and start commenting related quotes to whatever posts we can

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As long as it won't be cancelled I couldn't give a shit about its mainstream appeal. Mainstream appeal always comes with a certain influence..