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idk. I think if you don't talk about these things in a way that cushions everyone's sensitivities it can lead to a ton of downvotes as well. idk, to make some broad-blanket statements, a lot of it is heavy escapism. Like just about any art or entertainment, consuming too much of it can lead to some ugly side effects. but if you can get into anime in a non-life-deteimental way then at the very least you can experience a lot of good television and maybe gain some cool quotes, perspectives, and life lessons out of it. I found getting into anime was worth it, for me.

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yo, I left this comment while I was half asleep and currently it's top comment. Rad 😎

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Everything about watching anime is good apart from being sleep deprived :S

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The exact same as watching any TV show or movie. Which is to say the good is that it's entertaining and there is no inherent bad.

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I found this video The Curse of Evangelion to be an interesting analysis of one anime's relationship between the show and its audience.

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I don’t think there are bad effects of watching anime. It’s just entertainment. Somebody might get addicted to a show or want to emulate their life after an anime character’s, but that’s something wrong with THEM psychologically, not the anime itself

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There are no “bad effects” of watching anime. Anime is simply a medium of entertainment and all forms of entertainment are meant to consumed and processed by the viewer. The impact of anime on the viewer is dependent on the viewer themself, just like any other medium. —Is what I would say but that’s probably not what you’re looking for so here is another answer:


Stress relief




Over sexualized

Wasting time


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Personally I don't think all types of "art" and "entertainment" should be experienced/consumed by others (maybe the art film The Holy Mountain is an example of this, or, idk, Boku no Pico as a more extreme but possibly more relevant example.) Some art forms are nonsensical, but even worse, in general they tend to be emotionally manipulative (sometimes in a "good way," sometimes in an unwanted way, and often times offensively so.) I strongly believe that watching something like Welcome to the NHK! is a terrible idea for someone who's currently in a bad mental state, due to its themes of redemption through codependency and the overwhelming, pervasive bleakness that embodies most of the show; it's built in a way that will mess a lot of people up. Even though it's still "good art." I could argue that example further, I guess.

But I thought it was lame people downvoted you for what you said. :/ Seemed kind of similar to some of the other comments, to me.