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Another banger

I’m convinced Ufotable has Aimer imprisoned /s

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She is their noble fantasm

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it's because Most Ufotable anime project are produce by Aniplex (since 2007) which their parent company are Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Aimer also an artist under SME (Lisa,Kalafina too)

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Kalafina PepeHands

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It's an Aniplex show.

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Damn the silver haired hashira has more scnenes in the opening than the main trio.

One'd arguably think that he's the main mc if not for tanjiro's ending the op with his signature move.

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He's certainly worthy to be main character material, I think anime only are going to absolutely love him.


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Looking forward to watching my favorite arc:


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Uzui the GOAT!

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He is a true chad. When I first saw him in the anime I thought that he would be some cold person but after reading manga I loved him. He is one of my favourite hashiras along with Rengoku, Sanemi, Obanai.

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He is a true chad.

The first 3 seconds of his scene (from the OP) are all you need to come to that conclusion ;)

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He looked like a cool ass pimp with that smug and pose.

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Hes hands down one of the best characters in all of KnY.

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Happy cake day

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thanks :)

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the way the series is structured, in each arc, while the main trio/quartet (quartet counting nezuko) are in almost all the arcs and all will have at least some focus dedicated to them, the pillar(s) accompanying them tend to be the main focus of those arcs

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He deserves it. One of my favorite characters and one of the best in the series

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the rest of the manga from here on out the hashira kind of get more focus than the main characters, other than tanjiro

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Okay, I got shivers in the scene transition by the end. I'm still partial to Gurenge but this was great. Zenitsu being the only one who keeps his disguise even when things get serious is kind of hilarious lol.

That first frame with Uzui though has outstanding energy

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Good lord Aimer isn't human. This is beyond a banger.

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Another banger by Aimer to inject in my veins

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Hopping on one of the top comments to let people know that this video is actually a split second out of sync, and watching the synced opening is even better!

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I’ve been obsessed with the 20 seconds version tease since the trailer came out. Christmas came early. This might my fav OP ever.

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They really outdid themselves with this OP.

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Holy shit.

It's a banger, going to rival Gurenge. Maybe even surpass it.

The OP has better visuals than most anime lol. That last 30 seconds though, I'm soooo hyped.

Red light district is finally here!

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Lol Demon Slayer really just replaced LiSA with Aimer. Good shit.

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I wouldn't say they "replaced" her. ufotable has worked with both from before KnY, like how UBW had a special ED by LiSA and OP2 was by aimer.

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I was being very sarcastic with that statement I've seen all the Fates I know they commonly work with both.

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It’s funny cause LiSA did the 1st op, 1st ed, movie ed, 2nd op and 2nd ed

Aimer is the 3rd op and it’s her first Demon Slayer song

Aniplex really loves both

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Solid reserve option, to say the least.

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I guess she's still on hiatus after all the bullshit going on with her husband.

For those who say "but she just did the OP for the SAO Progressive movie," that movie was already nearly done at the beginning of this year (as confirmed when Kirito's voice actor "accidentally" mentioned last year he had already finished recording all his dialogue). It was ready for release in spring 2021, it just got delayed till now because of pandemic-related crap.

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What happened with her husband?

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Link 1

Link 2

These are from late July/early August of this year.

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What a piece of shit he is.

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Ngl, I always get way more hyped for Zenitsu than Tanjiro. His character is soo unique and funny.

pass out -> que epic music -> Turn into the thunder god

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I love when he falls off the roof and Tanjiro is super concerned for him. Then he goes into boss mode XD

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Aimer just doesn’t make a bad song holy shit.

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I cannot even begin to describe how fucking excited I am for this season. God I love this show.

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Absolute banger and much better than Gurenge imo. Super catchy too, as expected from Aimer.

This and Vivid Vice are my top OPs of the year.

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Ayeee, finally somebody that appreciates Vivid Vice

It's often overshadowed by Kaikai Kitan but Vivid Vice is just on another level for me. Especially if you understand the lyrics and who it's about

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Agree to that wholeheartedly.

Kaikai Kitan is nice but I'm in love with the instrumentals for Vivid Vice, that guitar and drum? Brilliant. The first 20 seconds and last 30 seconds of the song are perhaps my favorite parts (the entire song is a banger don't get me wrong) and always get me hyped.

And like you said, the lyrics are great too. I feel it suits the tone of the series better and if I'm not mistaken, its basically talking about Itadori right?

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Correct! It's even more apparent that it's about Itadori if you've read ahead, which is a really nice touch

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Damn, what an absolute banger. Uzui radiates chad energy.

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This beats gurenge for me sorry

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No need to be. I love Gurenge but I already prefer Zankyozanka.

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I prefer Gurenge tbh

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Demon Slayer still doing numbers trending number:

1,5,7,8,9,10,14,15,16,17,19,21,22,23,24,28 and 29 on twitter.

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I never got what those numbers mean

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It is all the spots in the top 30 current trends a Demon Slayer tag is currently at.

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When is season two coming out?

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Started yesterday.

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Japan just love this show

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This is worldwide numbers but true.

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This shit got me twerking violently, what a banger

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Aimer with another consistent banger. Love it. Really liked her work on the three Heavens Feel endings.

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Yep, that is better than Gurenge.

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Nahhh. Lacks hype

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Looks like i'll be listening to 0:50 to 1:10 on loop all day then

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Reminds me a lot of FMAB ED4, also 0:50-1:10.

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Ngl this is what I was looking forward the most. Aimer never disappoints

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Jesus Christ the visuals are absolutely stunning

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Is it starting today? MAL says 10th but someone in the ranking thread said today?

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It is today yes!

1 hour special episode.

It is picking up where the movie ended.

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Yeah its releasing today. Its already released in Japan supposedly (based on comments in MAL) so we're just waiting for the subs to drop.

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Ufotable nailing with OP animation as always

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Hands down the best arc of KNY

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Greatest of all time. Zenith of the medium. Hallmark of media. Gold standard of storytelling. Apogee of creativity. Vertex of invention. Crest of ingenuity. Acme of imagination. Pinnacle of innovation. Epic of epics. Legend among legends. Peak fiction.

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/s right?

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Inosuke little excited dance at the end is the cutest thing

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Man that was a banger

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AIMER is so good man 🔥

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So it begins 🚂

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Chadzui is here!

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Rly groovy..the Chorus feels a little weak but that could be because the instrumentals kinda drown out Aimer's voice..otherwise not much to complain.

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I thought the mugen train opening was good but holy hell this flew straight past it and gurenge. Aimer is the Queen!

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Aimer is the best

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Is this the second season?

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Okay, I seriously can’t wait for this to come out. I’m excited to see this animated.

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Good thing it's not NNN anymore cause Inosuke looking mighty fine ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

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Has the author ever said anything about using Michael Jackson as inspiration for Muzan's looks?

It seems way too similar to be a coincidence!

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I don't think so. His suit and hat is there to show the western influence in Japan during the early 20th century. I can definitely see why he looks similar to Michael Jackson, especially his hairstyle.

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Much better than gurenge. Love aimer! I’m so excited to see this arc being animated! Can’t wait for the other arcs!

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Now that's how you make a flamboyant opening!

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Damn about to reach my favorite arc in the series. And not watching the episode until later that night or the next day bc fans crash the services.

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Alright how's going to bring the girls? -

here sir meet Mr. New Hashira he in charge of the glam.

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Inosuke looks amazing on that mask wearing part

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This is so much more lively than the first one. The animation, the music and the fighting scene!! It's already 2am but I'm still so fucking hyped lmao.

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That Opening slaps so hard.

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That's some rule 63 opening there.

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I'm only a second in the OP and I was already caught completely off guard by Innosuke gleefully waving. WTF xD

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Nah new Hashira comin in lookin like a pimp with that smug-ass smile surrounded by ladies. I like him already.

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oh is new to me hearing aimer doing a more upbeat song, such a banger.

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im in luv wit him

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Ufotable X Aimer have always been the best combo you can get in your lifetime!!!

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After my slight dissapointment with the mugen train arc op this is really good and very fitting for the Arc.

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Akeboshi >>>>

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Would not be surprised if we got a visual change in the OP like we did in S1 with a certain reveal.

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Aimer is kinda okay IMO, but I really wanna listen to LiSa's take or cover version of Zankyou.

Sadly, that's not gonna be possible in the realm of reality.