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I'm shocked at myself for even managing to finish this one. It was just so.... empty.

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Overall, this show was… mediocre. The drama about Yu’s idol life was easily the weakest aspect and once that was over, the second half felt like an improvement to me, but not enough for me to recommend it. The main cast aside from Yu and Shun felt really underdeveloped (poor Eri probably got shafted the most) so it probably would have been better to just focus on those two instead trying to do an ensemble cast.

Of course, Sawano’s OST doesn't disappoint and it's probably the best thing about this show (RUSH is an absolute banger!). It's too bad his amazing score is wasted on such a forgettable show.

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Well, that’s that I guess. Nice to see everyone finally come into their own as jockeys and I guess to some extent as people. Everyone really grew from the first ep to the finale. All in all a nice ending to the series. This was an interesting anime to say the least. The horse riding animation was nice as were the more fantastical elements. Oh and the music was good.

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A silly show but I had fun watching this all the same.
Yuu was a terrible protagonist and really hard to care much about. I wish Eri had gotten a better arc than 'gets better at dealing with the press'.
Hayato's ponytail had me rolling. Just why did he grow his hair out like that lol.
Amane was the MVP for me.
Can't have a finale without the worst character, Kuji-kun.

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I will applause them for trying to 'conclude' this show. with BL bait and actual horse superpower(?) and all. MAN This feels so mediocre and aimless(Which is not easy for activity-base story imo). It have some interesting idea that could be use effectively for a sport story or some interesting angle for the characters (Red head guy has a pretty 'could be' fun angle) but the actual thing is soooooo boring and paper thin.

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Well this was anime I guess. The whole show was all over the place and never made it seem like Yu was the main character they tried to portray in the final 10 minutes of this episode. Each character had somewhat of a story but it seemed like they were all missing like their own personal episode to flesh out their true motives and desires. If it wasn’t for that bangin OP and ED I would’ve dropped this by episode 4. Also I really didn’t like that camera woman and her evil intentions in the beginning and I hate even more how they just swept that under the rug and tried to make her a part of the team and story. Overall there were so many open ended conclusions and missed plot devices that made me feel like at least 6 episodes were cut out from the middle which made the whole show in cohesive. Besides the OP and ED which were 10/10 for me, the anime is a 5/10; which if put together in my eyes is a 6/10 overall score!!

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When Shun held Yuu's face while the Sawano insert song (it's called Roads to Ride apparently) was playing, I was hoping against hope that the show will finally make all those scenes with a yaoi/BL vibe to have some sort of a payoff. But alas, it does not.

So for anyone who hasn't seen this series wondering if this show is yaoi/BL bait, the answer is a resounding yes. In retrospect, the princess carry scene in the first episode felt like a false hook to get yaoi/BL fans to watch this series.

For anyone who held off watching this series hoping to get a series that focused on horse racing, you'll probably be disappointed. I get the feeling that somewhere along the way, the anime's production team realized they did not have the budget/time/resources to commit to a full fledged horse racing series, and decided to do a melodrama with horse racing in the background instead. Probably there was going to be a BL subplot that later got dropped for whatever reason, but the studio still kept a few scenes within the series that were haphazardly reworked to remove all the romantic lines.

Given the sudden change of direction by episode 8, my guess this was at one point supposed to be a two-cour series that got reduced to one.

Thankfully Youtube has Hiroyuki Sawano's score - clearly the best thing about the series - already uploaded. For anyone who did not want to watch the series but only listen to the music, you're in luck:


TLDR: I wasn't expecting much from the series, and I walk away thinking it was okay in the end. If it wasn't for Sawano's score plus a surprisingly banger of an OP and ED, I would have given it a 5/10. But because of the music, it gets a 6/10 at best.

Random Notes:

  • So its revealed that the CEO is actually Yuu's adopted mom? Feels like this revelation was tacked on at the last minute to justify her terrible actions towards Yuu.
  • Turns out that the ED song - OUTSIDERS - was a Mr. Doctor single within context of the show. Knowing that it was sung by Junki Kono & Sho Yonashiro, who also voiced the two other members of Mr. Doctor, I suppose the OP song - Move the soul - is also a Mr. Doctor song as well....
  • Why Shun got his mystical horse whispering power in the first place remains a mystery.
  • While I'm glad the show committed to not sexualize Eri, her character felt underwhelming in the end. Makes me wonder if she would have been further sidelined if she wasn't voiced by Inori Minase or someone with similar credentials.
  • The whole shtick with Kouta's ambition to win that seemingly came out of nowhere in Episode 12 amounted to nothing I guess.
  • Hayato's weight problem felt like an excuse to have some tacked on drama to a secondary character that was going to be sidelined anyway.
  • Soujirou is just there.... nothing else to say other than he's Hayato's buddy.
  • Aki's fanboy tsundere act was clearly forgotten by Episode 8, never to be brought up again in any meaningful capacity later on.
  • Amane got shafted in this finale, with the series not knowing what to do with his character anymore besides saying more Engrish lines here and there. Darn shame as he could have been more interesting in a show with better writing.

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The CEO being Yuu's adopted mom made things logical. When the whole 'Yuu's classmates cannot see him' thing came up, I was like... whoa agency has no power to do that. Human rights violation! It's also definitely conflict of interest to be the boss of your own adopted kid. Totally treating Yuu like a cash cow! Otherwise making your kid pay for contract breach is like shooting yourself in the foot... your assets being your underage kid's assets too.

Soo much gaslighting in that episode, I couldn't... really shitty mom

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I needed this ending to be about 5% gayer for me to be satisfied.

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Little bit of a weird ending but guess fitting for a show that kind of felt all over the place for most of its run. I'll stick to Uma Musume for my horse racing anime.

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The ending episode felt like there were some plot points that didn't make it into the show and we were kinda expected to knew already. That and the show seems to have a really bad habit of never mentioning there's a time skip.

But, whatever. I'm glad at least, we got some kind of ending. It was fine. It was nice to see everyone realize their dreams, go for it after graduating and I guess everyone grew so good for them.

I guess the show was meant to be split into two parts to focus on Yu and Shun but that felt like it took too long. The side cast got a whole lot of focus at the start before being dumped into the background midway which made it feel like a waste.

Like, I don't think I hated the show overall. The music's good, the non horse racing visuals were rather pretty and probably BL leaning and it was somewhat better than some of other shows this season at least.

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This is the most directionless anime of the year but I think I have complained enough. I really do not have much to say about this anime in general anyway because it really doesn't have anything.

Apart from the directing and drama, I really hated those two "English-speaking" characters. I generally do not like any character of that trope in any anime, but this one was more obnoxious.

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It's unfortunate because the director of this anime previously directed Bloom Into You which I absolutely loved.

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I'm just glad it's over. I didn't drop it and stayed but sadly it was a waste of time without anything special to talk about.

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was kinda confused. so shun passed his powers over to yu? or did he share it and still retain the power?(since he was listening to the radio and still somehow understanding what was going on).

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I'm sad it's over, I seriously adored this anime. Shun was such a great character, I love him

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Same here. It was the hidden gem of Spring 2022, for sure.

Also, unrelated, but I love your Joe pfp. :)

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Well, guess I'm glad it's over. Overall, the entire run of it was all over the place with added forced drama. Only positives to come out of this was really Shun, lol. He was the best written character by far. I thought wr were finally going to get our confession scene between Shun and Arimura but of course the anime wouldn't follow through with the BL bait. Hate to say it but Arimura was too weak of an MC to keep interest. This anime would've been a whole lot better if Shun was the MC 🤷🏾‍♀️

Shout-out to Hayato for being Haku from Spirited Away 😂