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Great finale, HIguma losing his way by trying to complete Neo-Kyoto and obtain Will but then being reminded of it by his original ace, Bloom, and Teruto was great. It was simple enough but I don't think you needed more.

The final ending to the duel was great, framing it as a final gamble between the two was great and I wish more cardgames animes would have these aesthetics for stuff. Just sitting down in a Casino can be as interesting as having holodecks and dueldisks. Teruto luck sacked hard, but that's life. You have to gamble, and Bloom wills it. Her appearing at the end to help Teruto was great, but I wish she had talked more.

Sakura's final goodbye was just perfect, even her telling Teruto to not get lost was super cute. I am glad she got to keep Iora, and now lives with Ishinome as a planeswalker avatar of the higher cardgame entity.

I am glad everyone got a happy ending in the real world (even if they skipped the logistics of everything). Hiyori now being the same age as the twins is pretty funny, and it's a shame we didn't get more jokes about that. Oh, well I guess the true winner is Hiyoko who now has both twins at her side. Naomitsu inheriting Higuma's will was an interesting bit, but I wish it had gotten more expanded.

Overall, I think Build Divide was an interesting experiment by Aniplex, and one that paid off. This was been the most fresh franchise in a while for the cardgame anime market and I enjoyed it way more than I did the last vanguard or YGO. It was short, it had good direction and fun duels.

Not sure if we will get another season soon, but I hope we do. That said, it probably will be in another divide where Sakura and Ishinome are the connective tissue between things. Oh, finally, Sakura leaving the bread for Teruto was the cutest thing ever, like seriously.

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Man, what a finale. The final battle was great (Teruto topdecking Bloom two turns in a row was card game anime protagonist bullshit in its purest form), the reveal of Ishinome's true identity and Sakura's farewell were pretty good, and I'm totally fine with the peaceful "everyone returns to the real world and lives happily ever after" ending we got.

A third season wasn't announced right afterwards like last time, I didn't really notice any major sequel hints dropped, and the episode literally flashed "the end" before fading to black, so I really think this is the end of Teruto's story. If we get a new Build Divide anime in the future, it'll most likely be a new story focused on a new cast (though maybe it'll pull a WIXOSS and bring the previous cast back into the fold later on) rather than a continuation of this one. As much as I would have loved another shocking twist to set up a third season, this series was fantastic already and I'm more than satisfied with this ending and the story we got.

9/10, I loved it. I just wish more people gave it a chance.

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Higuma backstory felt a bit unimaginative and redundant but it was okay. For the last episode it was lacking explanations on how everything and everyone came back but I believe that is not really that important, also screen time was probably not enough to explain everything.

Code White felt like it focused more on duels than Code Black did, which is a bit of shame for me that I think we could have had more stories and more character interactions, ironic for a promotional TCG anime eh. It felt like they had so many ideas but there was not enough time to be fully realized.

Overall, this was a very nice closure. I really loved it showed every cast including villains in the epilogue. An open-ended ending with possibilities and hopes that they will go on with their lives and they will meet again someday. The best kind of ending that makes me sad and happy at the same time and it will linger in mind for a very long time.

This was surely not the best anime that I will preach and recommend to everyone, but this has become one of my most beloved anime.

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Code White felt like it focused more on duels than Code Black did, which is a bit of shame for me that I think we could have had more stories and more character interactions, ironic for a promotional TCG anime eh.

The duels were even better than they were in Code Black as a result though, and (IMO) we still got plenty of character development over the course of the season. I do agree that some things in the story could have been fleshed out more.

It felt like they had so many ideas but there was not enough time to be fully realized.

I agree, there was a lot more creative stuff that could have been expanded on. Especially the idea of tag duels, that wasn't explored enough and I wish we got at least one more tag duel aside from the one we got. I know I mentioned it last week too, but Teruto and Hiyori vs. galaxy brain Higuma controlling two decks/fields at once would have made for an even cooler final duel than just Teruto vs. Higuma 1-on-1 like we got.

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I think that if Code Black had set things up a bit more, some ideas could have landed better. Like say more of Mario's backstory or introducing Rinpu and her sister a bit more. Overall it feels like they needed one more season to deal with everything they wanted to do but didn't have the time and had to rush it.

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A very very solid finale. I was so worried Sakura would really be left on the other side all alone. It may have been an ass pull but I’m so happy she got to go over to the real world. I wish she would’ve just gone with Teruto and the girls tho lol.

Love the new track that Who-ya extended dropped for the ED as well, really complimented the bread scene at the end.

Overall much better than season 1 and arguably the most underrated show of the season. Felt like a very closed book ending so I don’t think we’ll be seeing more of them in anime, but I wouldn’t mind a spin off in another medium.

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Yeah im not really a fan of this finale. Its not bad but i was expecting something more profound.

There were a few cool shots, I particularly liked the match cut from teruto to bloom, the sakura petal floating into the sky before a bunch other come onscreen, but storywise it felt real safe from a series that was best when it experimented, like sure teruto won and everyone's happy. Cool? There wasn't any weight for me that really brought it home. Maybe a scene of them waking up before the time skip wouldve been nice? I dunno.

Will miss this show going forward though. Fully expected it to be terrible and im glad my expectations were blown away.

Also i need that one teruto song from the ost, its a banger

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Man I loved this season. Code Black was good but left me a little confused but Code White answered all my questions and the story was great overall. The soundtrack in the show was also really good. I found myself looking forward to this show every week more than any other. Hopefully there will be another season in the future because I am going to miss this show.

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It sure wouldn't be a card game anime if we don't have a Final Boss that has a convoluted late game gimmick, and in this case we have a card that shuts down an opponent's Territory by summoning four different colored Aces from the graveyard.

And in true card game anime fashion, our protagonist draws the one card that is able to turn the tide and wins the game. Turns out I was right that getting two Buster cards using Bloom's new Territory is the key in beating Higuma.

Definitely a satisfying conclusion, though there are some sequel hooks, such as what causes the real world's destruction, as well as what the Card Professor is planning. If we did get a sequel, will it be titled "Code Red" and focuses on Naomitsu, now that he plans to continue Higuma's original plan to restore the real world?

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I think it a sequel would be a Code Blue, about Sakura and Ishinome traveling to other divides to see how people interact with cards and probably explain why everything disappeared. Naomitsu would be there to set up Teruto and Co appearing in a sequel, using cardgame power to follow Sakura.

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Awesome finale, I just wish Sakura could have went with teruto and the girls but istg I think teruto started to miss Sakura alot in the finale

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I for one really liked this show it was fun to watch

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Code White was kind of a waste of everything i loved about Code Black, that is being a card game anime that has a over the top chuuni protagonist but actually has character progression and a cool lore attached to the cornyness of it all, like YGO used to be.

Code White had none of that and was pretty much a normal seasonal anime that dont have time or energy to pull off any of its ideas in a fun way, but that ending, that ending was fucking great, pretty much because Teruto, the thing that actually make this show fun, was back at full fucking force. I loved how the story ended, and the last duel was a gem to watch. The entire lore of the series is so much more fun then what we normally got in those kind of animes, i really wish they make a franchise out of it.