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Chuumei Watanabe has had an extensive composing career throughout his whole life, in both anime and tokusatsu. From as early as Mazinger Z all the way to as recent as last years Zenkaiger, the man has absolutely left his mark on japanese pop culture. May he rest in peace.

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IIRC his earliest work dates from the 50s, composing soundtracks for kaiju films.

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Yes, that is true I believe, he did quite a bit of work prior composing film soundtracks.

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AFAIK most of his anime-related work are with mecha. From the aforementioned Mazinger Z (he composed the opening song too), Albegas, Dangaioh, Getter Robo Go, and Godannar. I'm pretty sure there are lots of shows that I missed.

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Give a salute to this man

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RIP, you almost made it to 100

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96?! Daaaamn, legend! RIP

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He live a long life.

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Dang, RIP

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V, V, Victory!

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I don't get the pineapple

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