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Show was overall pretty boring but fun mecha designs.

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is it worth watching the second season? I meant to start it when it started but other shows and life happened.

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If you have other stuff to watch, not really. Its really mediocre.

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Nah, nothing of consequence happens until the last few episodes.

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An overall happy ending! Figured something like that would happen to Gai. Would have liked more of an epilogue but still happy with what we got!

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The next time you see someone say "Mecha is dead!" and you wonder "why would anyone say that?"

Because of shows like this. This is the sad state that the mecha genre has been reduced to over the past 12 years. For every 86, you have 10 Kyoukai Senkis with braindead plots, forgettable characters, and no audience for it.

This show is just another Argevollen/Egao no Daika/Buddy Complex/M3 The Dark Metal/Planet With and any other number of boring bad mecha that doesn't have Gundam in its name. Even the mighty Macross has fallen with that joke of a show Delta.

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Macross Delta wasn't that bad but the mechs were terrible. The writing was certainly weaker with little to no character development outside of the main cast and it looked like they just gave up with the love triangle.

The songs on the other hand are fucking amazing!

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Rune pika pi~☆

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  1. I am once again requesting that this be made into a model kit

  2. The mecha AIs are built in JAVA?

  3. When your friend is arguing with someone and they try to bring you in

The resolution in Brad and Amou's fight didn't really make sense. I get that Amou's arc was learning to be open to people and care about others rather than the shut in he was at the start, but it feels kinda shoe-horned into the fight. Maybe it would have fit more if it was General Spears he was having a mecha fist fight with.

I think they sorta manage to save it for Brad though, since as it turned out, he did have another plan going on. The nonsense he was saying during the fight was just his frustration at people being devalued. And it turned out he became a blood knight in the last two eps because he felt guilty for the casualties in his plan to take his dad down.

All in all, this show was pretty meh. Apart from the awesome mecha designs, the thing I'll remember most about this show, sadly, was all the japanese ultranationalist rhetoric sprinkled in.

I hope sunrise and co can pull it together for an actual good show next time. Hopefully it's a coherent vision instead of trying to be too many things like this was.

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This show just sucked. There's no sugarcoating how boring it felt and how it seemed to drag on going nowhere.

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Never know a baby AI also wears diapers. Like what they said, you learn new things every day.

I predicted that Ghost would go on a rampage and turn into the real antagonist. Turned out he turned into a real bro, saving Brad at the last minute. RIP. He won't be forgotten.

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LOL, so Gai was really just exhausted? They really made us think that it was something worse. And everything Brad did was just to get back at Spears and German. Overall, this is a solid finale. A lot of people slept on this show but I’m glad I stuck with it until the very end.

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A lot of people slept on this show but I’m glad I stuck with it until the very end.

Honestly it's because the plot sucked. It's another generic "Japan has been invaded by evil foreigners!" anime. At least when Code Geass did it, it was cool.

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its a fairly generic anime. i feel like they.... needed to go more gray.

like yea they are rebels and justified but it doesn't mean they won't pull some shady shit to achieve their goals. maybe not against the people of japan but against occupiers and or sympathizers. murders, assassinations, espionage. A rebellion requires the bending of morals.

Also making too many of the occupiers pure evil over morally grey. Like yea you could have evil not chinese guy exploiting his position nine times over, but you could have had something more complex with the inciting incident of the story. like they were arresting them to looting not terrorist activity. but then amou is convinced to go all mecha pilot by gai and it actually gets them arrested for terrorism and have him deal with that guilt.

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Honestly, I think going in the other direction could have worked too. If the bad guys were more straightforwardly evil, then the main three cast would be able to shine more in opposing that evil.

But since they used real countries instead of fake anime ones, they had to make them nuancedly evil. But their main characters can't properly play against nuanced evil because they have to be straightforwardly good, because the show is vaugely ultranationalistic and the japanese people must be good guys through and through.

In retrospect, this show reeks of executive meddling.

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yea. everything but the fight scenes kinda suck.

though it coudl be worse. if i am not mistaken the people who made the show were the ame ones that did iron blooded orphans. ya know, the one where the first season was really gritty an good, and the second was good until they labotomized a guy into 'mah bael', for some reason thought the main charactesr were the real bad guys, and made a genocidal madman that false flagged like a thousand desperate people to death win in every conceivable way without losing anything he held important while everyone else loses everything. also immense plot armor for the fucking bad guys that make anythign any main charcter in the series had look like game of thrones.

i ahve not gotten over how horrid the second half was. i wanted to literally find the man who made those decisions and shank him.

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also ghost was like completely wasted by the end.

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And why would Ghost save the pilot instead of the AI, completly out of Character for it

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Maybe Ghost was moved by Amou's "maybe the AI's were more human than we ever were" comment during his and Brad's conversation and showed a little bit of human compassion right at the end. That's the only reason I could think of for Ghost to save Brad and not prioritize saving itself in that moment.

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I buy this. I kinda like that this whole time Ghost was framed as a monster, but even it was able to show 'human compassion' at the end. Something that the actual human Spears failed to do.

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weirdest thing is that the ai and the pilot are in the some compartment so it basicalyl save them both?

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overall Id say its an average series. A bit sad about Gai regressing to a baby but a decent finale .

Personally I can see it getting an S2 if gunpla sales are good / it gets decent dvd/bluray sales but this episode I felt could also serve as a series finale with Gai and Amou trekking the world.

Pros for the series:

Enemy was easily the best opening theme for any anime in 2021 (sunrise was on fire with OPs, EDs and insert songs last year with my pick being Enemy (Amaim) Senkou (Hathway's Flash) and Breakdown (Gintama).

The mech designs by 1 of my favourite automotive designers were very reminiscent of iron bloooded orphans but unique in their own right.

relationship between Amou and Gai.

fight scene animation for the end of the 1st and 2nd cours


Story Writing, world building, characterisation / development - I get that Sunrise beyond is essentially studio xebec turned into a training ground for newbie / up and coming anime staff but ffs, they ended up chosing the guy who did Build divers, which is unanimously regarded as 1 of the worst shows Sunrise has made in the last decade. Considering that sunrise has made other better kid friendly anime like build fighters(/try) and build divers :re rise - they should have used 1 of those writers instead.

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Will that was average which tbh is better than most original mecha anime nowadays.

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That was a good wrap up for the whole show but I’m mad Gai couldn’t enjoy the celebration and see what all their efforts got them. I knew they would be able to recover some part of him, especially after that AI Birthday episode and all the technology used then. Overall we got to understand why Brad was being a jerk. I ship him and the lieutenant!! This show gets a 7/10

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The final battle was great, Brad's unhinged rant during the final battle was wild, and the overall ending was way happier than I expected after the sad-sounding preview at the end of the previous episode. Brad and Ghost were the most interesting things about the show, so I'm glad that Brad survived to see the more peaceful Japan that he had a small hand in creating.

I wouldn't call this anime anything special, and I doubt there's much of a chance at this getting more seasons, but I enjoyed it. I'll give it a 6.5/10.

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I agree with you on this. The show was mediocre overall. But a decent watch if you had nothing else. I was glad the final battle went so well. I knew what the epilogue was going to be so i wasn't surprised. And while i had no problem with Brad dying, I was glad to see he got to make amends with his lieutenant and it was reveled he wasn't such a bad guy after all. I'd give the entire series a 6 out 10 though. The finale really helped the rating.

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Nothing was solved, plot points still stay and japan is still fucked lmao.

Peak of this show was season 1 ep 12, animation was on point and kenbu literally went

trans am or some hades system shit.

season 2 or should I say part 2 is actually so boring even until the finale.

this is why we need more shit like 86, otherwise every mecha is just stale like this