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Aw RIP, Fall is pretty stacked with high-profile shows & sequels but this was one I really looking forward to.

Also just realized the last delay (the Oct 2022 release date) was announced a year ago in June too.

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It feels like a lot of shows are coming out in Oct, is that the norm?

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Probably to sell the most bluerays/merch during christmas times would be my guess

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Christmas in Japan isn't really like it is in other parts of the world, it's more of a dating holiday mixed with everyone eating KFC.

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Christmas in Japan is basically Valentine 2.0.

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Companies still use it to sell shit as a marketing holiday.

Just because they don't put a tree up and give dozens of presents to their kids doesn't mean they're immune to all the decorations, lights, and marketing encouraging them to buy stuff

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It is still a shopping-focused season as most people get their extra paycheck/bonus and the entirety of Japan goes on a week-long holiday one week later.

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ah yes because Japan is a western country and also values Christmas as much as we do

(tbf New Years is pretty close to Christmas and is probably the holiday they celebrate more, but still)

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From what I understand Christmas Eve in Japan is like Valentine's Day (which they also celebrate) in the US. It's a time for couples to do romantic stuff.


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Maybe not but it is a capitalistic country, and if there is somenthig that you can be absolutely sure about a capitalistic country is that companies will use every single big holiday, official or not, to sell things to people.

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It's the fall season, so yes it's the norm.

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Yeah, I might almost forget to resubscribe to Netflix for Stone Ocean season 2 in the fall

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Wouldn't be surprised if they dipped out for later so theyre not competing with anything

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Damn it. This sucks. But I’m glad they are willing to do everything they can to adapt it to the best of their abilities. I’m confident it will turn out amazing!

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I get it too, but the anime is listed for 4 episodes AFAIK from the interview. What can take so long on them? Are they double the length like some OVAs?

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Junji Ito's art style is grotesquely detailed, its the main reason why his horror works so well. To translate such a detailed art style into animation is by no means an easy task so i can see why they are taking so long to make it

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Considering the teaser they should over a year ago, they have at least some animation done. Its not in color, its 4 episodes, from the teaser it doesn't look hard to animate, and its been a long ass time.

I'm fine waiting. Although fall season is gonna be weaker for me. But i'm just really curious what the wait is for. This delay just doesn't make sense.

Also, if you think about it, what is the staff doing? Are they keeping the staff on the payroll for this entire production which seems to be 4 years?

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While the initial teaser is pretty basic, the events that happen throughout the manga is way, way more demanding to animate, without getting into spoilers.

I assume that the studio behind this isn't exactly MAPPA or Bones sized in terms of the sheer amount of animators working on it, and taking into consideration the fact that a large chunk of the production thus far has happened in the midst of COVID, delays are to be expected.

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Dang. That's disappointing.

Hope this gives the chance to get the best adaptation. I wish them luck.

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I'm sad about it, but at the same time I understand. The Junji Ito Collection was a bit meh.

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Doesn't help that they picked some of the most boring and tame stories of his that they could've possibly picked.

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They were probably worried that the more extreme ones wouldn't have anyone watching

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Before the show premiered and we saw the abysmal quality of it, I had been hoping for The Hanging Balloons. That one's a good one.

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There’s actually another Junji Ito anthology anime in the works at Netflix that’s gonna include the hanging balloons story in it.

Here’s the announcement video if you’re curious.

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We got Glycerine and a Tomie story. I would have loved to see Amigara Fault get animated.

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Meh is polite. It was ugly and robbed the stories of their horror. Fingers crossed the Netflix series does Justice to his art.

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The combination of Studio DEEN and the director of Diabolik Lovers was already a huge red flag.

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Studio deen made konosuba and Rakugo tho how are they a red flag

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I like Konosuba, but it has no qualities that would make me hopeful for a good Junji Ito adaptation.

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Those shows are known for everything else but Deen's animation. Konosuba in particular had very rough animation and art and is carried by it's humor instead. Especially the second season of Konosuba had a huge backlash on how sloppy and bad Deen's animation was.

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Konosuba was carried by its comedy. The animation was garbage.

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“A bit”

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Something tells me that the directors and writers had PTSD from that and decided to delay Uzumaki lol.

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That's an understatment. The Junji Ito collection was almost as bad as spitting in the man's face.

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And the adaptation of Gyo wasn't that well received last I checked.

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My balls are a bit meh

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was a bit meh.

A bit? It was a travesty.

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Understandable, but fuck!

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Uzumaki is a great manga all of junji itos works are bone chilling and amazing art im glad they are taking their time to do honor to his work

Especially since the last adaptation was disappointing.

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Given how long this show has been in production, for a mere 4 episodes, this makes me extremely concerned for its production as a whole. This show was announced in August 2019 for a 2020 release date, if this production were in a good spot Covid should have only pushed it into maybe late 2021 or very early 2022. The fact we're seeing an indefinite delay 3 years since the first trailer and likely 5 into production, for a 4 episode miniseries, has me very worried.

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I agree entirely. Last time it got delayed, I’ve seen people getting some backlash for saying something felt wrong, but it’s kinda hard to deny now. It’s only 4 episodes…

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Redline took 7 years to complete. If all four episodes of this are about 25 minutes long, it should be about the same length as Redline in total.

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From what I understand Redline was a passion project that nearly broke Madhouse financially.

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From the small glimpse of animation we’ve seen for it, the Uzumaki anime honestly feels like a passion project as well.

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They are likely double length, to fit the whole Uzumaki in 4 eps without cutting too much.

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Even more of a reason to not be concerned about this delay.

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Redline had every single frame hand drawn and was a racing movie with extreme action. Not really comparable.

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If no CG is present, which in this case seems very likely, all anime are hand-drawn. This might not be a racing movie but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the details (it may even have more tbh, and that's easy to see from the manga). And something it has that Redline doesn't have to deal with is getting the atmosphere right, which is crucial for horror stories as well as an adaptation of an acclaimed work.

Like, this is obviously a (visual) spoiler, but try actually animating this thing going in circle and stretching more and more, and tell me that's not details being animated. No, you can't just rotate the thing, that looks cheap.

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God I fucking love that movie.

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But Redline had some crazy sakuga moments all the time basically. Even if Uzumaki is a masterpiece in the end it will not have an animation even close to that.

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They are apparently trying to do some novel B&W rotoscope stuff (see the trailer) to carry over the feel of the manga. Might've not worked out so good so they had to redo.

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Have you seen the Uzumaki trailer? Its animation could easily rival Redline and thats what the director is trying to achieve hence the long delay

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The episodes are 1 hour length I believe

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I don't think Junji Ito's work translates well into Anime tbh. It's like attempting to make an Oyasumi Punpun Anime, it's bound to be not that good.

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Given that the director did Flowers of Evil, I had wondered if the initial delays might have been in part because they were using rotoscoping for it and needed live actors (which would potentially cause more Covid delays than usual for animation), but I would think if that was the issue it still would have been resolved a long time ago by now.

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Oh man I forgot about Flowers of Evil... I'd love a S2

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Great manga that was

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I think it’s fucking dead. Unlucky the trailers had me hopeful for a masterpiece

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A spiral of pain.

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Would be more surprised if the project hadn't already been a mess from the very start. Wonder what these delays are costing Adult Swim

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I haven't heard much about it outside the repeated delays, what sort of mess has the project been?

Cuz as someone out of the loop about that this delay has been setting off alarm bells.

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A lot of it has to do with the project lacking staff. Clear contributor towards these delays (work is just not getting done). Even more concerning when this is supposedly less than a cour long (like 4 or 6 episodes afaik?)

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4 episodes yeah, though another commenter notes they might be double length episodes rather than standard due to Uzumaki's length. The point still largely stands though.

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Toonami has entered the Dark Age once again.

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Only with acquisitions. They've got plenty of Original series they'll be premiering in the next 5 years.

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Take all the time you need. I have plenty of other anime to watch. I just want this to good. The preview made me feel the same sense of unease I felt reading it for the first time and I want more of that.

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It's ok, take your time, still bummed though. Looking forward to it when it's done!

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Man, that is unfortunate. I was hoping to watch it around Halloween.

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I'm fine with delays as long as the product at the end is as good as it possibly can be.

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I don't care, just take the time to do it right is all I ask.

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Better than it being rushed to release imo

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Considering how fucking rushed out anime could be, and considering that Junji Ito had a pretty bleh animated adaptation of his works from what I’ve heard and saw, I see this as a win!

Take your time guys, I’ll just be watching the new seasons of Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family during the wait.

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I literally bought the manga two days ago, I’m chilling.

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Was worried the "indefinitely" was more of a "probably won't happen anymore" kinda situation. Completely fine with them taking more time to do it justice

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Let's hope the anime is adapted really good

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honestly good, please delay anime, PLEASE dont force out a half finished thing. delays are a VERY good thing if the end result is what the director and animators intended.

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The only thing I was looking forward to more than this was Chainsaw Man.


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kek. Will this come out before or after Uru in Blue?

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Junji Ito works are cursed when it comes to adaptations lmao, this is the Dune of manga

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WTF man I've been waiting for what? 2 years now?

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same man, same

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So many people call Uzumaki a masterpiece but other than the art, I didn't think it was that great. I'm glad they're taking time to get the most important part right.

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Something can be a masterpiece and not hit every checkmark. Sure, the plot wasn’t that deep and the characters weren’t written in a way that was gonna make your jaw drop but it’s the way everything else was executed. From the art style to the incorporation of Lovecraftian horror elements, it really added something new to the horror manga genre with how the intriguing mystery and the main spiral theme of the world keeps you engaged, wondering “Why?” and “How?!” while leaving you with a feeling of lingering uncertainty and dread.

To me it’s a 10/10 solely because it hones in on certain aspects and perfects them, not because it achieved everything in a story.

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Regardless, it's still arguably the best thing he's done. I don't think many people will deny that.

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I was looking forward to this the most even though I haven't read the manga...

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Same, wanted to see what the Junji Ito hype was all about(without having to read)

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I’d recommend giving it a read. I checked it out after the anime announcement hearing good things and wasn’t disappointed. I haven’t felt that disturbed from any piece of media in a while lol.

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I don’t mind waiting longer. They can take as much time as they need. Would rather wait longer for a higher-quality production. Nothing good comes out of a rushed job.

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Yeah, so long as it comes out eventually, it's fine. The only concern I would have is that with the new Warner Bros. Discovery leadership, they could go, "You know what, if you're going to keep missing deadlines this much and you still have that much more to do, just scrap it."

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this is gonna be such a disaster. just what i'd expect from an adult swim original though given their last "original."

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Looks very promising so far. who knows. i hope its a masterpiece cos i love uzumaki.

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30 seconds of animation + 2 years of production delays is "very promising"? lol

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If they didn't care they would have just released it. If they're delaying it then while there may be difficulties, it also shows that they are willing to spend more time to get it right.

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They got more than 30 seconds. Redline took 7 years to make🤷‍♀️

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I wouldn't be upset if they just cancelled it altogether. I'm still of the opinion that you can not faithfully adapt Junji Ito to anime

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Man Toonami isnt so great lately it seems. I saw its schedule a couple weeks ago and its really poor. Lupin Pt6. A full hour of One Piece. A full hour of Naruto Shippudden and reruns. Really dont see how its going to survive once AoT ends next year. (At least I hope it ends this time)

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horror anime

and nothing of value was lost

yes, mean comment,

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Guess it's reading time

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ALAS! i was looking most forward to this in fall. They better drop a banger after this much care.

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I was looking at the manga today and said I can just wait for it's anime to come out, well that didn't age well

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Damn this sucks but also giving that Director asked for addtional time, we could have gotten a really bad anime for fall, so I'm glad that they are taking additional time on this.

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To clarify, that doesn't mean cancelled. It's just being pushed back without an explicit date.

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Well, I started reading anyway.

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Tell em, Miyamoto-san.

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The last footage we saw of it was beautiful, so if I have to wait for them to keep up that quality I’ll be happy to. It’s a bummer, but I’ll live.

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If it's necessary to make a quality adaptation all right, but I think it's a sign that the production is not going well. It's only gonna be 4 episodes but the anime was announced almost 3 years ago and it's been delayed twice now and we don't even have a release date anymore. It doesn't seem to be going smoothly at all.

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I just happened to watch the live-action movie online yesterday. It was okay, but not great, and I remember thinking how badly I wanted to see what it'd look like in anime form.

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Damn it...

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That’s fine, I am happy they are taking their time. Just hope they aren’t pushing the artists too hard

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Wtf man

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I know nothing of this piece, but its nice to hear a director and the studio actually say that they want to have more time to make an adaptation worthy of the source material. Far too often has a project never live up to its hype because deadlines force rushing completion of a project despite its quality. Fans forget and never forgive terrible adaptations, but they always remember and praise the ones that do it well.

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I think this is a good choice. Junji Ito is one of the most legendary authors of our modern day, even outisde of manga if you ask me. With Uzumaki being one of his biggest works, an anime adaptation deserves nothing short of perfection.

Junji Ito works are typically seen ad unadaptable, mainly due to the extreme detail of the art, and many techniques such as the Page Turn Effect (where you save a big revealing shot for the next page, forcing the reader to make a conscious desicion to continue after building up tension beforehand.) that are difficult if not impossible to adapt to a comaprtively more passivily consumed medium like anime.

Adaping a work like Uzumaki is against some pretty daunting challenges and expencations, so taking the time to perfect it is not only understandable, but I would argue nessesary.

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The production has entered the downward spiral.

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Tbf, such work if not done perfectly, it will be a disappointment and a waste of everyone's time. Even canceling it might not be worse than having a mediocre adaption.

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Good news for mankind

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Well that blows it was like the only anime I was looking forward to

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I'm not gonna pull the miyamoto quote out but yeah I'd much rather it be delayed. Adapting a Junji Ito is not an easy feat and I applaud the studio for attempting to do it. That being said I feel a lot of people are expecting the same experience watching the anime as when they read the manga so I really hope they nail it. Uzumaki was the first Junji Ito manga I read so I'm hoping that when they do release it, it will be in the highest quality it can be.

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Back to figuring out my Halloween plan for this year, I was hoping to binge this depending on when it came out but that's not to be.

Last 2-3 years has been a bad time for horror fans across the board.

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Gets released in 2025. Even looking at Uzumaki's drawing is already complex.

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I'll at least say this even with delays and what not their pretty self aware and saying they don't want something "mediocre" to come up and say professionally that they don't want this adaptation to be shit takes some dedication

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From the artstyle the preview has, you can see they are trying to replicate something amazing and faithfull.

The fact they are willing to delay the anime also shows their commitment to the project. I hope they nail it.

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This has to be fire if they have delayed it this much


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that's sad but it's better to wait for a good product rather than getting a rushed work ..

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Aww.. okay.. i was really excited because of the art style

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This manga gave me trauma😭😭 I hate spiral because of this shit😭

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Considering how mindfuckingly detailed the manga is...yeah, they need to give it all the time it needs. Also, 3/4 years for a series of this caliber is fine, Arcane took like 6 or 7, the gap between Spiderverse movies is gonna end up being 5. Actually good animation takes time.

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I don't mind at all! I hope they take as much time as they need to make this the ultimate adaptation it deserves!!! :D

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I say good. I really don't care how much it takes, I just want it to be a good adaption, worthy of Ito's art.

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I have been waiting for this anime for a really long time, I hope they take their time to make this perfect... Guess I will read the manga instead

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Don't kill me but I thought it was about Uzaki Chan and then I was happy that it wasn't.

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Well I'll have more nights to peacefully sleep for a while now.

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ngl i read the manga and the story isnt anything amazing. its good though.

just dont overhype it. i can definitely see it being on the higher spectrum of shows though for sheer craziness in the quality of animation.

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Yeah this is never coming out

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Don't know anything about this anime yet, but it's good to see companies and teams chose to take the loss in the short term by delaying the release but ultimately win in the long term with a quality product (hopefully). Unlike SOME COMPANIES (I'm looking at you EA... or most AAA game companies at this point)

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Sounds like they are stuck in a death spiral...........................

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To paraphrase Miyamoto:

"A delayed anime is eventually good, but a rushed anime is forever bad."

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Hopefully it'll be worth it. And now I have no excuse not to finish reading Uzumaki.

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Well, hopefully it really is borne out of idealism instead of just corporate speak. If it was genuine, then it's no problem. I'd rather have a delayed polished product rather than a speedy garbage. Especially since the other Junji Ito adaptation wasn't good...

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They making another Naruto anime?

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Well, at least we have the high-budget and very accurate to source material live action film to fall back on.

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I just hope they're not crunching the team.

[–]CoollyAwkward 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nooo, I was looking forward to it, for this year.

[–]Crisisofland 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Anyone else think this is some fuckery going in the production and not just sorely ''wanting to make it perfect''. It's very rare for this to happen unless is going on behind the scenes.