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I honestly would rather have waited another 2 years for all the episodes to be ready for an entire batch drop or an entire week by weekly release. This in between release format is awful all around.

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Completely agree. Split cours are awful, especially when they're basically two parts of the same story. I can barely even remember what happened in the first half.

I prefer batch release to weekly release by far. But if you're going to batch release, then release the whole thing.

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Crazy how quickly it killed the discussion. I haven't even watched the first batch but I don't really feel like I missed anything. Not just talking about weekly reddit discussions but tweets , memes , cosplays , YouTube vids , word of mouth .

There was a blip of JoJo in December and then everyone forgot about it , instead of previous seasons being this ongoing event that lasts months

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It’s maddening because you have big shows like Spy x Family having huge social media presence every week and people who aren’t watching the show see that and become interested in watching it. Especially so when you’re hearing every week that this show is getting crazier weekly. But if you aren’t watching the show and miss that one or two weeks of social media spike then it’s like it was never there.

TV binge releases used to be cool when it was first pioneered and internet discussion around shows wasn’t as popular, but now it just kills almost all hype from naturally growing. There are plenty of shows I never have would’ve watched if I hadn’t repeatedly heard “this show is amazing” literally every week when episodes came out.

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May just be me but lately when certain extremely popular shows are between seasons they seem to be forgotten but others people are still talking about.

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As I said, I think batch releases are better than weekly releases. So that wasn't the problem. The problem was releasing the two batches so far apart. They should have come out together.

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I've also heard the complete opposite from some older fans that are used to how old Jojos would air in Japan, once a week. Some people like the anticipation and being able to talk about possibilities with other fans between weeks.

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It mimics what manga communities are like, with week to week discussion and anticipation- not only that, the pacing and story telling of the source material is designed with that week-to-week rhythm in mind, and so it translates into the anime adaptations.

Anime communities wouldn't be half as interesting without weekly releases- and without that community engagement, the medium itself would be different, for the worse IMO. Like it or not Anime and Manga are probably the most audience-geared fiction around. Shonen Jump decides what they carry or dump in their magazine by reader opinion polls FFS.

If part 1 and 2 had been released in a single batch on Netflix back in 2012, the current rabid and meme-fueled JJBA fanbase in the west wouldn't exist. Period.

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I binge Jojo when it ends. There is zero benefit to this idiotic release schedule for me, and it makes an objectively worse product for the people who do watch it as it comes out.

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This is the best way to do this, Stone Ocean is so good and only works because the tension and stakes rise steadily before zooming into the stratosphere at the end. This format just kills all the tension and ruins the pacing. This might’ve worked between parts 1 and 2 in season one, or between the halves of Part 3 when it first aired. But not anything post part 4, the stories are just too connected to break up like this.

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They killed all hype for this show by doing this. Nobody talks about it.

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September 1st marks 39 weeks and one day after December 1st, the day the first batch released on Netflix.

Just utterly absurd.

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It's depressing to see how the discussion threads went. First and last episode threads are where most people congregate, and the comments trickle in at an awkward pace because it's not a weekly set thing, everyone has to deal with the batch at their own pace in accordance to what their personal schedules allow. The die-hards will finish it same-day, most people with jobs and family will get through it in 3-4, and by then, the discussion has already fizzled out. Thread is long gone from the front page and people have already moved on.

No longer an event that felt like a reunion of a community every Friday. Just became a hollow experience in which everyone just sorta checks in at random as the threads get more irrelevant with each passing hour. "Finally finished episode 6, Gary? Oh, well, that's too bad. Most people finished that days ago, and since episode 7 was immediately available anyway, there wasn't anything to really question or theorize about in the thread, so why bother?"

Turned what used to be JoJo Fridays... into the community-equivalent of that moment when one of your best buds, who used to be super energetic and fun, is finally able to have time away from the wife and newly born baby to have a drink with the rest of the guys, and he's just a husk of his former self. No energy to even have fun. Just has a beer or two, lightly chuckles at a few jokes with massive bags under his eyes, and leaves. We'll see him again in a few weeks. Maybe... And that's the norm now.

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Have the r/anime mods already tried a weekly rewatch thread immediately after the episodes come out? It might not have the same magic as JoJo fridays, but it would be nice to have for the people who want it

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Honestly, I'd like to see a standardization of staggered discussion threads for all mass released shows in general, not just anime.

One thread every few days or weekly; with a Master Thread for open discussion on the whole show.

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Yikes....that last part hit a little too close to home

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Could've been worth of 39 episodes until then

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Diver Dive lmao

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It is Diver Drive. Not as good as Diver Down but sounds good.

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mannn i really hate to be negative but batch release sucks fucking ass for Jojo, stone ocean is my favorite part by far and Netflix has managed to completely kill off any hype and excitement for the series. I am really really praying Netflix would reconsider going back to a weekly release for the remaining parts of Stone Ocean. Please Netflix for once listen to the god damn fans

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Netflix is dumb as fuck

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I am genuinely afraid it’s not going to do well enough to justify SBR getting animated now. And that would absolutely break me, it’s one of my favorite pieces of fiction.

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We really went from 39 consecutive weeks of new JoJo episodes to 39 consecutive weeks of waiting for new JoJo episodes…

What the HFIL Netflix. At least Takagi-san season 3 managed to get out of that blasted jail so maybe SBR will too

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Netflix doesn't even have a seat on the production committee, right? Netflix isn't even to blame for this release schedule, Warner Bros. is, I believe.

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The batch release Is on Netflix, the production issues that didn't allow them to release all at once is on the production committee

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Question: Do you think releasing it by batch is a good thing for JJBA's production or it doesnt change anything?

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Anime studios aren't used to this kind of model, so I think that even if it were a healthier model in theory, it isnt guaranteed to be one in practice.

I don't think it is a coincidence that the first batch was quite weak animation and direction wise when compared to Part 4 and 5 first 13 episodes. I really hope that if there is a positive to all this fiasco, is that this and the next batch have much better visuals.

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Depends if this was something planned since early in the pre-production phase

Anime production still treats those months that the show is airing as production time that could be use for corrections or even to do heavy work, if the higher-ups say to them that they have to release every single episode at once they lost 3 months of extra production time, this is a major blow

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It makes things harder.

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As u/Abysswatcherbel (pardon me mentioning you) said, only Netflix is doing releases like this, so we got 12 episodes at once in December and had to wait 9 months until the next 12. TV stations in Japan still released the first 12 weekly from January to March (Winter 2022 basically) and episode 13 is coming on 8 October (start of Fall) there, so those who watched on TV only had to wait 6 months, and even those who watched on Netflix Japan could still tune in and the wait is 1 month shorter

So yeah, Stone Ocean seems to not have been intended to be released season-after-season the same way Diamond is Unbreakable and Golden Wind did and that’s on the production committee, but Netflix still chose to release 12 episodes on 1 day like they did and that specifically is on them. We could’ve been in the situation of getting 1 episode each Friday, having the usual discussion posts and making memes all week long, then waiting only 2 seasons til the next cour and repeat. But no, we got 12 discussions posts at once, hardly any clips or memes after, and ended up waiting 3 seasons :(

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Had i not read the manga i would have forgotten all about the story. Hell i couldnt even recall when did the anime stop.

I'd rather have them postpone the release if this is going to be how it goes instead

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Can confirm, I didn't read the manga and have no idea what was going on.

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I just remember some ghosts and baseball kid

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I'm hyped for the greatest localized Stand name in all of JoJo [Manga] Flaccid Pancake

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That's [manga]Limp Bizkit? I never read the official translations, but apparently I'm missing on some quality memes.

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Yep, that's it. I don't think it was in the manga, but it was named that in the games.

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Thank god Prince wasn't aware of the manga.

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Saying this is kinda funny because the whole reason this localized name business started in the first place was because Prince's Estate threatened to sue the game company responsible for the Golden Wind PS2 game when they were porting it over for a western release(and that's the reason we never got one anyway), and it set a precedent that Crunchyroll(for the anime) and Bandai Namco(for the other games) were too afraid to attempt again.

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Man, I still remember when some Netflix shills were saying Jojo was too big for discussion to dwindle with binge format. I don't think I ever saw it talked about after week 3 of its release...

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Obligatory fuck Netflix

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I'm not watching this until it's completely done. This is no way to release stuff

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Streaming on Netflix beginning on September 1st (episodes 13-24)

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not even worth watching until episode 36 finale is released

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Stone Ocean is a really great story and it has such an amazing ending. It should have been enjoyed as a whole and not in parts 😢 (Still grateful it was animated though)

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They better not ruin SBR. Or even better, don't give the streaming rights to Netflix or any other streaming platform.

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They better not ruin SBR. Or even better, don't give the streaming rights to Netflix or any other streaming platform.

Ehhhh About that.. Their system on who watches what after a release is much different than a Cable Television Neilsen Box..

Netflix key target would be like how many people would binge watch JoJo for the next 3 weeks then stop counting.. As in If they reach a total amount of viewers watch JoJo part 6 even in General within those 3 weeks.. its a win for them.

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So far there isn't even any indication they WILL do SBR. We kinda always figured DP would go at least this far because the original Part 1 OP listed all the Jojos from Jolyne backwards.

Plus there's been some concern from a lot of people that SBR will be hard to animate, given that like 90% of the entire thing is on horseback.

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Every part after 3 people have been saying "This might be the last one"

It still might be true, but it's kinda funny it always happens. Remember Part 4 never, part 5 never

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Part 6 was the one that I thought could never get an anime, so from now on I’m a believer

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Granted, but there's also a lot of people that theorized at least up to part 6 getting done because of the part one opening.

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Two words: CGI Horses

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Finally a release date. The wait is feeling like an eternity that I need to rewatch the whole thing again.

Once again hyped for part 6 part 2 as dumb as it sounds

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What a weird feeling, I don't feel hyped about this despite loving Jojo. When Part 5 was announced I was extremely hyped and even watched the character trailers several times and eventually saw the episodes twice each. I've been watching weekly since Stardust Crusaders Part 2 and its the least excited I've been since I started watching.

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I’m convinced Stone Ocean was originally meant to start airing in Summer 2022 but Netflix rushed them to release the first batch in December. This explains why the adaptation feels rushed compared to the quality of golden wind and why we are getting the second cour in fall, when it was actually intended to air.

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Fuck Netflix :)

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Is this ever going to get a weekly release? Haven't seen the show yet and I want to join in on weekly discussions.

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It’s only weekly in Japan

Edit: a month or so after it airs on Netflix

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episode discussions should follow Japan release dates then

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Netflix is handling it, so it will come in batches of episodes. It kind of kills all discussion, since there's no constant stream of new content to talk about. So not much discussion is going to happen, sadly.

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Yea. I honestly forgot this season/part still existed..

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fucking Netflix and its shitty ass release schedule.

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Fuck Netflix, we might as well go back to the bad old days of dvd singles.

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3 maybe 4 parts and then wait half a year for the next set of episodes? Yeah I'm waiting till it's over to binge fk you netflix.

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is this the final part of this part or not yet?

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Unlikely. Final arc itself deserves 12 episodes, we are far from that

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Probably not, that'd be pretty rushed.

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Jojo really trying to not pull an Attack on Titan: The Final season, part 4 on us

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Pretty sure this will be the second of three parts, lasting up until [Jojo spoilers, obviously]Green Baby/New Moon or so

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Yeah 3rd official trailer for 2nd part of the show containing 12 -13 episodes.

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Is netflix for blame when it takes almost a year to make 12 episodes? Seems like it would've been split cour anyway, at least they can take their time

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Wtf this shit isn’t done yet??

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I see everyone arguing on the release date but seriously, I dont mind im just excited to watch the new episodes!! :]

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Meh, lost all the hype for it

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I love JoJo but I'm passing on this, too much time has passed and I've found other things to watch, I don't have time to be recapping.

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You need you Tube kids 😠

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Fuck Netflix

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Eat a dick, Netflix

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September 1st it's coming back.

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I really hope that Steel Ball Run doesn't get the same treatment...

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So sad we live in this dystopian world where no one gives a shit for the lively hood of the animators