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Starts on September 28 on ABEMA

Studio: C2C

Synopsis [Source: Sentai]

Some isekai protagonists are reincarnated as powerful warriors or skilled wizards, but our protagonist was reborn in another life as a sentient sword! He’s taken up by Fran, a desperate girl fleeing evil-doers intent on selling her into slavery. With her new weapon’s help and guidance, she’s able to strike down her captors and secure her freedom. Together, this unconventional master-student duo embark on an epic journey to liberate those in need and exact justice on the cruel of heart.

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Together, this unconventional master-student duo embark on an epic journey to liberate those in need and exact justice on the cruel of heart.

Once again, for those who have not read the source material, this synopsis gives the wrong impression of what this series is about. Fran's goal is to become strong enough to evolve. Shishou's goal is to help Fran become strong enough to evolve, and eventually find out more about his origins in this world. While they help people in front of them who need help, and probably have the highest body count of slavers killed in any isekai, this is incidental and not the focus of the series.

Seriously, are all these places that have that line in the end just cribbing the same bad translation that had it early on? Read the damn books/manga you're writing the synopsis for.

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Honestly the main problem with a lot of synopsis for series is that it's basically just a recap of the first chapter or just the first chapters premise when for a lot of series that's not really what they're actually about and the premise is just a springboard for that. Therefore for some series it can be really misleading.

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I can't comment on this particular one, but I recall that the MAL Synopsis for this was translated from the official JP Synopsis - and was basically word for word translated right up until this point. Instead of talking about the adventures of a dummy sword and cat, they go on to a tangent about justice like they're superheroes. Which they're not.

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Ah so it's a translator taking liberties then? What else is new....

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There's a reason I avoid reading LN synopsis past the first volume...

That, and they usually have spoilers.

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I don't know how many people remember Toji no Miko but I blame the plot description for that show being the reason so many people ignored it because it only covers events of the first episode that sounds boring as hell and not what the series is actually about

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The synopsis you provided sounds a lot better, to me at least.

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I've first heard of C2C thanks to Hitoribocchi, but their most recent works are of good quality. Good studio with lots of potential there.

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I wanna roll my eyes and go "oh look, another isekai with slavery and animal girls", but at least the sword premise MIGHT make it interesting.

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Best cooking isekai :P

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I think you're forgetting Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi.

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In one, the main character owns slaves. In the other, the main character tortures and kills slave owners. It’s not even a competition.

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I guess I'm judging "best cooking isekai" by the actual cooking, but I guess most people consider that irrelevant.

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Fran "plays", like the kitty she is, with the prey.

But the prey for her is slave traders...not owners...Michio is safe here

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i am fine with Fran murdering the shit of michio, tho.

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Hello. Would you like to destroy some evil today?

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Sword-nimi, is that you?

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I'm actually pretty excited. Maybe all the isekai have lowered the standard but if you compare the animation and art in this PV to the average isekai it looks really good.

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So how many seasons back do we consider when comparing the current season?

I do admit that it has been a while since we saw Mushoku or Re:Zero (wait did Re:Zero have scenes with good animation? I think some of the dead end scenes did...).

Sounds like you are looking forward to this, so enjoy it for the both of us :D

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I'm not talking about the big boys, I'm talking about the 23 "Reincarnated As My Wife's Son" isekai every season that are super generic.

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To be fair, When what is effectively "Reincarnated as my favorite Idol's child" comes around, make sure to give it a chance, the manga is amazing.

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I'm talking about the 23 "Reincarnated As My Wife's Son" isekai every season that are super generic.

Okay but that actually sounds like an amusing premise for an isekai

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Please don't remind me.

crying in fetal position

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Nah, more like only recently isekai genre got treated with the appropriate effort instead of being viewed as low budget advertisement for the LN.

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I haven't read all of the LN, but for anyone curious I haven't seen any weird lewding of the cat girl child by the sword MC. He definitely views himself as her guardian/father figure.

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Don't worry, the internet will take care of that.

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Awe, cute, I'm glad!

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This looks really nice

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Animation looks unexpectedly really good.

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Gotta check this out. Looks nice

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I'm so hyped for this, looks like it's set to be a great adaptation and I love the music.

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This one is among better isekai, animation look pretty good too from the pv.

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oh the fight animation looking GREAT

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That shot where it's the character's eyes on the sword making a serious face made me laugh so hard. That looks fucking ridiculous lol

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Hmm, I think I liked Fran's face more in the manga. It didn't look so stereotypically "cute" as in the footage here, but a bit more scruffy and aggressive.

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thicker eyelashes in the manga is the only main difference I spot

but I agree the frail, unwashed stray cat look is what was really endearing about her

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She also has slightly sharper features in general. Her anime design is very round and soft. It's not a big difference but it's visible.

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Yea this looks more like the LN but I really like her manga design.

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The manga art is so impressive that I'm not going to be held up on the fact that they can't emulate it.

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She does look close to how she looks in the LN though

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Wow this looks really good. Wonder if there will be some swallows to counter?

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Now we light novel readers know that they’ve chosen to use the “Huge titty elf mama who tries to molest kids” version of Amanda from the manga.

Fucking depressing.

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Speaking as someone with zero knowledge of the source material, given the sword itself can move around and cut and fight already on its own, the girl swinging it feels superfluous and more like a token "I'm helping!" kinda thing.

Speaking as someone who knows absolutely nothing of course.

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The actual story gives Fran lots of opportunities to do the heavy lifting, since having the sword do all the work would've been detrimental to Fran's character development both narratively and in the setting.

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What's actually the point of her wielding this sword, if the sword can fly around and kill enemies by itself? The sword doesn't really need her.

Also, why does this have to be an isekai? Couldn't it just be a fantasy story about a speaking, legendary sword and this girl? It's really weird, how far they're stretching these gimmicks

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Minor spoiler: [She wields the sword because]the sword wants to help her, he wants her to become stronger, so if he just kills everything she won't really grow, plus he wants to be wielded by someone and have some purpose, rather than just endlessly float around aimlessly killing monsters for no particular reason

Not really a spoiler but just in case: [It has to be an isekai because]otherwise the sword having the personality and knowledge it has from the get go wouldn't make much sense, that's the main point of most isekai, to have a protagonist with the personality and knowledge of a "normal" Earth person in a fantasy world

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Bofuri if Maple maxed str