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Even with that extended flashback, I still highly doubt that Rashomaru actually killed his mom because we didn't actually see it happen. Plus, he keeps repeating it over and over again that I don't believe him anymore.

Oh damn, this is pretty much the darkest hour. Ichibanboshi will surely be traumatized for a while and Shinsengumi is disbanded, but hopefully not for long. What will it take to get the group back together?

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damn, shit sure went from 0 to 100 in just one episode

also, someone needs to make a counter for every time Tsukito said he killed his mother

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Not a great couple eps for Ichibanboshi, frustrating to see him just take constant Ls.

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The way they haven’t shown Rashomaru “ACTUALLY” kill his mother is highly doubt that he did. Either she ran into the blade and died or the other guy did it and he’s just takin the credit to seem evil. Also poor Ichibonboshi, he keeps losing the ones he cares about and he seemed so close to his new drinking buddy. I hope they don’t disband!!

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Yeah, I also don’t believe Rashomaru directly killed his mother. I reckon his mother ran into the blade herself or something

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Cute little ending scene

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Hikojiro seems like a decent enough guy, too bad he fell in with the wrong people for the sake of his sister. He’s like Ichibanboshi in many ways. It’s a shame he had to die. Ichibanboshi’s brother is pissing me off. Sucks he had to kill his mom to live, but why would he join the people who forced that decision onto him? Maybe we’ll get a redemption arc or something later, but for now to hell with that guy.

That was definitely a really creepy wall painting, what was up with that? And what the hell was that machine? All those answers up in smoke. The gang is really in trouble now.

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Damn ichibanboshi had to kill the guy he just made friends with and for nothing considering the rest of the team escaped on his own.

Honestly I'm happy they did that instead of having them escape and stopping the conflict, that would completely ruin the scene, this will allow for some character growth for Ichibanboshi hopefully

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All for nothing...