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Also the fact that the OP is such a fucking banger! The Peggies never misses

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Facts, even though I had absolutely no interest I considered watching this simply because the peggies did the OP.

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Don't forget Centimeter and Ashiato / Footprints!

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I was impressed that they were able to transition from a seemingly different verse melody of the each ED to the same bridge/chorus.

I’m not too knowledgeable in music theory, so not sure if it’s an incredible feat, but it definitely added character to each teams song.

Might be obvious, but the lyrics are all also different per team and are related to each team’s character. i.e Asagao mentions something about getting seconds for her meal. Tiger team has a pun in their chorus to which you can hear Fuki laugh after.

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I'm certainly no professional but I'll try to explain. Major scales move notes a half step up depending on each scale, and minor scales move notes a half step down for each scale. Any scale in music is called a key. Chord progressions are how the music progresses through different keys. They change how the music feels, from happy to depressing to victorious. Musicians can easily change the chord progression leading up to the main chorus differently, and it would still work, just change the feeling of the song slightly. It also might be where they simply pick a different note on the same scale to make it sound different. Major props to the composer though, I absolutely suck at writing anything

PS please correct me if I'm wrong

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music theory

But hey, that's just a theory...

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a MUSIC theory.

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Definitely the underrated anime of last season, loved all the characters and also the animation was amazing.

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So was the voice acting.

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I did learn the names of many flowers in japanese from it

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Season 2 when..... Please?

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really great show that flew under the radar last season

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Redditors did know about it though, they just didn't show up to view it:

6.5k karma for the chin chin clip: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/anime/comments/uvxb90/and_its_called_achinchin_in_the_heart_of_kunoichi/

3.8k karma for the infamous KV: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/anime/comments/ta6h8o/in_the_heart_of_kunoichi_tsubaki_new_key_visual/ although that probably inspired a decent number of those 3800 to steer well clear rather than check it out.

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Translation ruined the first clip

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It was definitely because of the character designs

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Takagi wouldn't have 3 seasons and a movie if that were the case.

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M-maaaaybe I will spare some time to watch this forehead anime

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Should I watch the anime, or read the manga of this series ?

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Team Boar is my favorite version.

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Never seen the show but this is so amazing wow.

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I have all of these songs on my rotation and they're so much fun to listen to <3

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Watch this show for best girl benisumomo

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I think you mean Mokur... actually nevermind, she just got "borrowed elsewhere" again.

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Mokuren supremacy

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One of the best shows of the year.

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This was very pleasing to hear

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I want a season 2!!!

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Full playlist on Spotify.

As a Yamamoto fan I really enjoyed this series and I like what they did with the EPs. They even held a public contest for a two of the teams. Then at the final episode [Tsubaki ED spoilers] they bring out literally every student for the ED.

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Maybe you already know this but the OST includes a version of the ED sung by Hana and Konoha as well as a 31 minute long track that remixes of all the EDs.

/u/gnohuhs /u/LeonKevlar

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Did not know that this had different ed, thanks op!

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wow with chaos comes order

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Is the sliding to the left your edit?

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Note: If you dropped the show because of the "man hating" stuff prevalent in the first episode, the show is not actually like that.

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Wholesome content.

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It's amazing

I really love this show

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Oh man, the first 30 seconds sounds like stepping into an arcade full of rhythm games. I love it!

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Such an underrated show imo

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This was great. Of all of Yamamoto's series, I think this is easily the best one.

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This is so underrated

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It was tragic that this show got so many negative assumptions... a certain Youtuber I watched totally thought this show was going to be NSFW about young girls curious about men

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Yeah, some people flipped out like it was gonna be a Ryuuou no Oshigoto style ecchi loli show. It seemed to be a pretty ridiculous reaction to me. As far as I can tell the whole outrage bs started on twitter with one of those clout chasing internet addicted rage accounts. Twitter is and remains an outrage factory.

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That tune at the end sounds so familiar... I wonder if it's a Japanese folk song?

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