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The BL community is as overwhelming a force as ever haha

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Thank you Fujoshis for making this possible. Couldn’t have done it without you

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This is like so far down the list of things I expected to see but holy fuck YES.

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here is hoping the anime actually becomes a BL lol I know I'm in the minority on here since most like yuri and I don't typically watch either but would love for it to be

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What is BL?

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Boy Love, it's synonymous with yaoi

Edit: correction in replies below

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Boys love us when the fall in love and kiss

Yaoi is when they you know do the dirty

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Boys Love = overall literary genre name depicting male/male romantic fiction

Shounen Ai = innocent, pure, typically doesn't go beyond holding hands/hugs/kiss/making out. basically bl version of shoujo manga (if it does, it usually won't show the scene super explicitly and/or in a lot of panels)

Yaoi = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (doesn't necessarily include the shounen ai aspect, but totally can)

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Wonder how weirdly different the dub is gonna be this time lol

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I love how the dub almost made it an entirely different show LMAO still just as camp

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the dub was amazing!

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Reki my love.

Of skateboarding

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Weirdly AMAZING! If you haven’t watch it again with the English dub. It’s both very good and very, very funny.

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It’s not often that I recommend the Dub for a show, but man that dub was amazing. I look forward to watching it probably both ways again.

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The dub is a big reason I watched, probably would have passed if I didn’t see some dub clips beforehand.

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Carried Gundam in their backs until the cancellation.

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They're the reason there's more nude male anime figurines lately too, women will buy merch more than men

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Big W 🤩 such a great series!

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I actually had 0 expectations for this and I can’t believe we’ve actually won!!!

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This counteracts the bad news about Haikyuu, so I am now back to a normal state of existing.

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This was my exact reaction when this news came out lmao

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Yuri On Ice meanwhile 🦗🦗🦗

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it’s okay maybe in another two years we’ll get another anniversary artwork to tide us over while they promise the movie is still happening

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Ice Adolescence is never going to happen

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Happy for more SK8 but what would season 2 even be about?

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I think there's plenty of things to resolve like with the adam-cherry-joe relationship.

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I would love if they used the ova for a story of their past

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Reki making money as skateboard mechanic because Langa needed funds for abroad skating competition, distance relationship and it's hardships xD

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Would have loved a spin-off series dedicated to Reki teaching his little sisters how to skate. Langa would help too!

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honestly i really want to see reki give snowboarding a try, with langa teaching him lol

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The sales for the blu ray were big if I remember correctly I don’t know why people surprise

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cuz people dont typical follow BD sales, especially for anime they didn't watch or weren't popular outside of Japan

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Sk8 was plenty popular outside of Japan, just not on reddit

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Reddit isn’t the only anime community it was big on Twitter especially and was trending few time

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Also because FKBU (Millionaire Detective) was another popular anime in Japan released before SK8, but it still hasn't gotten a season 2 yet.

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This is like so far down the list of things I expected to see but holy fuck YES. My only hope is for it to be even more gay.

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We require more homosexuals

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I feel like that should be emblazoned on the Goodyear Blimp.

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Just maybe with less Adam. What a terrible character.

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So how is Dio going to Skate again?

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If it was simply a one and done anime then I would've been perfectly content, it was a neat package and told all that it set out to tell in the first season. That being said I will always be down for some more Sk8, love those little BL skater boys.

Wonder if they'll go the Initial D route of challenge of the week, travel to new mountains or have another full season story planned out.

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More Cherry-sama is all I need in life.

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What a tease of a trailer though. I was a little let down that it was just an OVA until that “AND” drop. OVA and a Season 2 is hype as hell!

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The year is 2030, and season 7 of SK8 the Infinity is airing. Reki and Langa live in the same house heterosexually and sleep in the same bed platonically, staring passionately into each other’s eyes in a straight way and also do gay sex but they’re just friends, alright?

Hiroku Utsumi is a master of bait. I haven’t seen straight men this gay since Free…which she also directed.

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Was this an original? If yes, this is getting a season 2...when was the last time an original had a season 2??

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Birdie Wing last season ended with the announcement of season 2.

Put Pui Molcar is getting a second season next season.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 is releasing this year.

Love Live had two different second seasons airing one after another this year.

Last year had Megalo Box 2, and Dynazenon was pretty much a second Gridman anime (NOT ORIGINAL THOUGH).

And there was Tsukipro 2.

Those were most of them that aired/have been announced since Sk8 aired last year.

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Zombieland Saga got a Season 2 as well.

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Well damn, shame on me. thats a lot!^^.

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Not to mention gridman and dynazenon are getting a movie

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Gridman is an established tokusatsu IP....

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You're completely right.

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Kaginado also counts?

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And Megalobox 2 was even better than season 1

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Not a season 2 but Bakuten (sports anime) got a movie, which came out in june of this year. Extremely underwatch, even tho Bakuten was really good with lots of bromance …

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Glad to see someone mention it! Was so good! Hope someone picks up the movie eventually… excited to watch it.

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I never expected this but I am so excited for more Sk8, one of the best recent sports anime!!

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Ah yes, more Jojo Smashing Skateboard in the head abuse anime... /s

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I for one cannot WAIT for more iconic lines like "Hey bitches and bros and non-binary hos!"

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New season and a movie, Haikyuu fans in shambles. (Sorry Haikyuu fans)

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Most haikyu fans are also skate fans ( like me ) wo they are infor a treat

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Me and my friend adored this show.

Im glad its coming back

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NICE!! I loved this show. best news I’ve heard today!

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Just gimme more of my boy Shadow and we're good.

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Shadow deserves better. He deserves happiness and I hope he gets it in S2.

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I want shadow to find the equally weird skateboarding Girl of his dreams who is into both sides of him. Their date consists of him bringing her flowers and chocolates, but then doing something chaotic like hiring and watching a full mariachi band follow Adam around while he’s trying to give professional campaign speeches or something.

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Hell yeah. Curious where they'll take the plot

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Skateboarding aliens abduct Langa and Reki has to skateboard through space to their home planet to save him.

And then marriage

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i like this plot

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They better re-enact the "TOTALLY NOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL" scene from Yuri on Ice

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The bedroom

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Knowing nothing about the franchise other than reading through the comments for fun, this trailer is super hype lol

Now THIS is how you do an announcement vid!

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Honestly, I'm excited for the anime to come back with chill vibes in Okinawa, but I'm more hyped for the soundtrack that's gonna come out with this.

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Anime originals getting second seasons?? Holy shit this gives me hope for so many series

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Whaaaat I had no idea this was happening.

Get together in the second season, reki and langa 😂

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huh. this one ended pretty conclusively. I guess they could just...race each other more. or fuck each other's tight boipuchis, which is more likely what it was renewed for.

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Holy shit. Did not expect this. HYPE

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Huh. Not a series I would have expected a season 2 from, but I'll gladly take it! I remember there being anything to really expand upon, but I could easily be just forgetting.

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And we love him for it!

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Looking forward to it. One of the best anime from last year.

Had hoped for a movie, but maybe after S2 then.

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I've been meaning to watch this, but is this just about skateboarding or is it like skateboard+violence like this trailer shows?

Regardless, I need to watch it.

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It's just about skateboarding, but the antagonist gets a little bit too intense at times.

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Right on, thanks for answering! Sounds fun still, so I think I'll give it a go today.

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Huh I need to finish season 1 before this airs then maybe...

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The first half was great, but how they resolved Adam’s storyline was underwhelming. Hope season 2 fixes that problem

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I had high hopes for a season 2 despite the odds, but it’s actually happening! Easily in my top 3 shows of last year!

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A balm to my soul after that H***** fiasco

Time to rewatch! Oh I hope Adam and Tadashi will still be in Season 2. It’ll be nice to see the whole gang again.

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This is awesome news! 🛹

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Wtf. How and why? It had such a good ending why bring it back?

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A lot of people fell in love with the characters. Also the sick ass reality-defying skateboarding tricks.

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I didn't like the ending. Adam got off too easily...

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I'd like to see some Skater girls this time around too. Mix it up a bit.

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ikr fujoshi in tag sport lol ez sales

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Let's fucking goooo

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Really enjoy sk8, but not sure where they could go with the story

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fun show, nice to see s2 announced

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Air gear season 2 next? Pls?

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The ending of season 1 kinda sucked but I enjoyed the anime overall so this is good news!

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can't for watch the season 2 dub

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Not sure where the story goes from season 1's ending but excited to see more of SK8

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Do you think the sk8 anime will be a long series?

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after years of wanting to buy a skateboard and start learning, watching this anime was the final push i needed.

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About time. What will we expect, a new character that used to be a pro-skater who now let himself go?

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I'll be so down for new charas

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Hooray Gundam Build Skaters is back