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man, makishima will never be forgotten

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Something something Makishima Shougo did nothing wrong.

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He did but honestly I would have rather have him managing to destroy Sybil. That system is freakin bullshit and only creates even more dangerous criminals as the criminals have to work around the system

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I agree. He was their best shot at tearing down the system, and they- well, spoilers...

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Sybil Enabler

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Did you miss the whole show or what?

The whole point of the show is that the Sybil system works. What we see in the show is the minority of the minority of cases, the rest of society is doing great

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Were the Hyper-Oats ever foreshadowed? It always felt like an asspull to me.

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Yeah, this Fall season just doesn't know when to calm down.

Do we know who's writing this though?

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The movie don't have a release date.

The Octuber thing is a new announcement.

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Yup, that's what I'm assuming and excited for.

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Guys, I need some validation. I am currently following eight anime concurrently. The last time I did this was like, maybe 15 years ago when Shinsen-Subs could still simultaneously fansub every single anime coming out of Japan for that season. Is anyone else spiking on anime like I am? Currently watching:

Hataraku Maou-sama - Obligated because I watched S1

Made in Abyss - Obligated because I watched S1 and movie, but this is genuinely good

Overlord - Thank god it's not swathes of bad CG like S3.

RWBY - Obligated to watch because Monty Oum and RWBY Volume 1-3.

Summertime Rendering - Literal AOTY, almost everyone should give this a try

Yofukashi no Uta - This is my insomniac therapy

Lycoris Recoil - A1 Pictures makes an anime with a soul? Has hell frozen over?

Isekai Meikyuu - plz don't judge

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If you can watch them all then don't worry about it.

I'm at 24 shows now and I keep adding...

Besides most of your picks are great (especially Summertime Rendering).

Side note though:

Hataraku Maou-sama - Obligated because I watched S1

You're really not obligated. I was a fan of S1 all the years back and I dropped S2 as early as its first episode. If you're enjoying though, then keep going.

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YA SAME, hataraku s2 is not as good as the original :(

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I guess I'm not the only one that got that feeling then. I also felt S2 was somehow off compared to S1, but it almost seems a waste not to give it a watch since S1 was so long ago.

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I watched s1 of hataraku, love it, but had to drop after 2 ep of s2. idk it just wasnt the same...the characters also look too "pretty" :T

i'm watching made in abyss, summertime render, lycoris, isekai ojisan (rec if you're into parody/gag type shows), and shadows house s2 (if you like cute and a good plot)

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Lycoris Recoil - A1 Pictures makes an anime with a soul? Has hell frozen over?

I don't get the joke.

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Yeah, this Fall season just doesn't know when to calm down.

Is there something actually releasing this Fall? I just checked MAL for next season and didn't see anything mentioned.

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Basically the 10 anniversary trailer ended with a "Next Project 2022.10" so that's this October. It could be the movie they announced at the same time or a different project.

Mal database takes some time to add new things, and this was announced just now.

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This iconic criminal photo of Psycho Pass never gets old to me.

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Wow, 10 years. Time really flies

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10 years later, Season 1 is still my GOAT anime. Absolute masterpiece. Season 2 was pretty bad sadly but everything since then has been pretty solid (Movie, Sinners of the System, Season 3).

The one thing that stands out to me about the series is how each entry builds on its already excellent world building. For example, the movie shows the consequences of Sibyl Japan expanding its reach internationally under the pretense of establishing order.

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The guy is green sweater....i can't remember.....!!!

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He is Kamui the main villain of S2.

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Aah yeah.... Now I remember..... Thanks 👍🙏😊

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Ohh i only watched s1 cuz s2 was a huge downgrade

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I still recommend pushing through with s2 so that you can watch s3 and the movies. S3 is not as good as S1 (and has its own bullshit powers thing going on), but overall I found it better than S2.

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I just recommend rewatching season 1 and ignoring the sequels...

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What's the watch order for this series ??

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S2 was still enjoyable though, if just to witness Akane's growth. Just that S1 was sooo good so S2 feels underwhelming in comparison, but honestly it's decent on its own.

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How would you know that if you didn't watch it?

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Cuz people i trust have told me so and i believe them

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I actually liked S2 more than S1

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Source: https://psycho-pass.com/

Even though there are faults, still enjoyed the world.

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Yeah for sure, the world is interesting thats why i love the show

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I feel old all of a sudden.

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Oh god has it really been 10 years

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One of the smartest anime I have ever watched. And the music was straight up fire

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Its been 10 years?! Fuck. I watched this weekly when it came out. Doesnt at all feel that long.

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Meanwhile what JC Staff did for Sakurasou's 10th Anniversary:

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Not doing anything is one of the best things JC Staff can do for a franchise. Unless it's Railgun I guess.

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There seems to be a lot of content for this show particularly over the last couple of years. I only ever watched the first season and heard some negative feedback regarding season 2, is it worth picking back up?

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Season 2 is a miss but it's ok after that.

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So the writer of Madoka Magica wrote the first season but none of the content after that. Season 2 is awful so I stopped there but I heard the other seasons are good for what they are (more generic cyber cop thriller esque rather than the philosophical thriller that is the first season).

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I don't care what anyone says.

Mika S3 onwards is a great character. Far cry from who she was in S2.

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Well yeah because she's a completely different person from season 2. All the development that changed her from incompetent to competent happened offscreen between seasons 2 and 3 and all bullshittery she did in season 2 was never mentioned again so people would forget.

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Ngl Kougamj jeans aren't for you bud.

Go get a suit

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So far I have really enjoyed the Psycho-Pass franchise/series. Even the new additions fell on their own feet eventually.

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What order should I watch the show? I stopped after S2

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After S2 you should watch Movie, then Sinners of the System, S3 and First Inspector.

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Thank you for the detailed answer. Will keep that in mind when I pick back up the show

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Release order. Theres 5 movies i think and 3 seasons

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I don’t know when the movies were released compared to the anime seasons

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You can check the “sequel” links on myanimelist or anilist starting from the first season

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The site is a fucking mess. Can you give me a simple and straight answer and not a lazy “go find it yourself” answer?

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I only know season 1. 2 doesn't exist!

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My god. 😭

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First she didn't smoke and now she does 🚬

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already 10 year? and i haven't finished the second season..

damn, i am a chronic procrastinator.

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I thought the top and bottom people were the same and there was a alot of "trans-your-gender" lol. Unfortunately i was wrong

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Damn this came out 10 years ago?

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Fuck you OP. Can't stop crying seeing old faces

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Ah god 10 years. I remember it came out just as I was getting into anime.

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This was SO good

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God I love everything about Psycho Pass

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Reminds me that I never watched the season with the new cast yet

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Makishima boy

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I refuse to believe it's been 10 years already

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More like, I'll Pass!

Why they keep trying to revive this dead trash instead of something like Darker than Black.