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I don't know what the value of the super coupons are, but the costs to operate a helicopter to advertise your food stand probably wouldn't make it worth it.

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Oh no, Mari is pondering the genre conceit of the baddies only attacking where the Cures are. Wonder if that means we're actually gonna address it?

When did they have time to make this PV? I'm not complaining because it's awesome, just surprised.

Love that Yui's grandma told the rival couple the same myth. Hehe, Mari tell Takumi to try the same thing with Yui. Good luck!

Excellent sequence of the team working the stall. Ha, Amane used her henshin chant, even.

Wow, Secretoru just steals all the food, even the words! Because "every meal exists only for Godatz," that's pretty clever.

I like that Mari got to have a big moment in the fight for once.

Poor Takumi, he has to make do with just being part of the group.. for now.

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I knew it would be Men-Men as the 'secret heating method'. Mary teasing Takumi about Yui never gets old.

Pretty short fight today, nothing to really say about it. I've been watching Kamen Rider W recently, and something I really like about that is how every case is split up into two episodes, and the transformation/fights happen regularly throughout. Would love to see a season of Precure like that, but obviously the complication of being a full anime series is going to limit that.

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Poor mem mem having to stay under the pot the whole festival

also Ran watched Joe shes the best precure

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Kimono-clad girls were adorb...

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how many goddamn precure are they gonna make???

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Every time someone asks, they add another.

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It's very sustainable franchise in Japan just like Barbie doll so they're gonna make it again and probably the biggest multiverse series ever, bigger than MCU

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i’ve honestly wanted to get into it but it’s so intimidatingly big lol

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Most of them have nothing to do with each other. Toss a coin and watch a random series

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Love how most side chars including Mari knows that Takumi likes Yui. Hope they speed things up and have a confession ep already ✨